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Measurement Conversions


The number 24 belongs to what set or subset

What is Rational, Integers, Whole Numbers, and Real Numbers.


Oliver is selling candy bars for his sports teams. He sold 75 candy bars, raising $131.25 for his team. How much did a candy bar cost?



Cammie pays $28.92 for 4 ounces of salmon, how much does she pay per ounce?



The ratio of Astros to Yankees fans is 3:2. If there are 39 Astros fans, the number of Yankees fans is..

What is 26 Yankees fans


A TV that retails for $325 was on sale for $235, the percent the TV discounted for is ...

What is 28%


A science experiment requires 14 cups of solution, if 1 cup is almost .236 liters, the formula to figure out how many liters the experiment calls for would be...

liters = (14)(.236)


The number 0 belongs to which set or subset?

What is Rational, Integers and Whole Numbers?


Chelsea is making blueberry pies, she spent a $15.08 on blueberries. If the blueberries are $1.16 per pound, how many pounds did Chelsea purchase?

13 pounds


Jenny went to WalMart to purchase beef for a cookout for the Astros, she bought 4.5 lbs for $21.60. What is the cost per pound?



A poll was taken at Southwest Middle School, for every 5 kids that preferred Under Armour 3 kids preferred Nike. If 60 preferred Nike, the amount that preferred Under Armour is..

100 kids


Jenelle increased the amount of protein she eats from 48 g to 54 g. The percentage that Jenelle increased her protein is.. (round to the tenth)

What is 12.5%?


Seth is 6 1/4 feet tall, assuming 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters, the equation to find out Seth's height in centimeters would be...

(6 1/4)(12)(2.54)


The number -23 belongs to which set and subset

What is Rational and Integers


Andre spends 1 1/4 hours working on his game, shooting free throws. If he does that every weekday, hows many hours will Andre have shot over the next 3 weeks?

18 3/4


Jay handed $15 to the cashier to pay for 3 sodas that all cost the same. He recieves $9.63 in change. How much was each soda?



A poll was taken in Mrs. Smith's class, for every 4 kids who liked Baby Ruth, 3 kids like Reese's. If 12 liked Reese's, then the number of kids in Mrs. Smith's class is...

28 kids Total


Branden streamed 14 movies to his computer. These movies took up 28.84 gigabytes of space on his computer. Each movie took up the same amount of space, the amount of gigabytes that 9 movies take up is

What is 18.54 gigabytes


Chelsea drinks 36 cups of Orange Soda every 4 days. Assuming 1 cup = .24 liters, the amount of liters Chelsea will drink in 3 weeks will be ...

What is 45.36 liters in 3 weeks?


The number - 4.55 belongs to what set or subset?

What is Rational Numbers only?


James spent half of the money he had in his wallet for himself and his friends at the movies. He paid $16.25 for tickets, $5.75 for large popcorn, $12 for two large soft drinks and $4.25 for gummy bears. How much money did James have in his wallet prior to the movies?



Micheal bought 2 pounds of T-Bone steaks from Who Cares Grocery for $7.25. Jerry bought 3 pounds of T-Bone steaks from Does It Really Matter Meat Mart for $11.25 Who gets the better deal and by how much

Micheal $3.63

Jerry $3.75

Micheal better deal by $.12


Cinema Theaters has two movies showing, Jexi and Joker. For every movie goer that wants to see Jexi, 3 times as many want to see Joker. If Cinema Theaters sold a total of 120 tickets. The amount of people who went to see Jexi is..

What is 40 people


Nyeli spent a total of 2 1/2 hours completing her homework last night. She spent 30 minutes on her Social Studies, 50 minutes on her science, 20 minutes on Reading, and the rest on her Math homework. The percentage of time Nyeli spent on her math homework is...

What is 33%?


A smoothie calls for3 liters of orange juice. Assuming 1 cup = .236 liters, the amount of cups of orange juice needed for the smoothie would be... (round to the nearest whole cup)

What is 13 cups


The number 5/1 belongs to this set or subsets

What is rational numbers, integers, whole numbers and real numbers?


Will has a collection of 80 professional jerseys.

1/5 are NFL Jerseys

1/10 are MLB Jerseys

The rest are NBA Jerseys

How many NBA jerseys does Will own?

56 NBA jerseys


At Speedy Carts Jesse pays $22.75 for 2 1/2 hours.

At Turbo Racer Riley pays $18.20 for 2 hours. Who is paying less per hour?

Jesse : $9.10

Riley : $9.10

They are paying the same rate


A local Activities lodge has the option of Jet Skis or Kayaking. Of the 273 customers, one third chose to Kayak, so the number of Jet Skiers would be

What is 182 guest chose to Jet Ski


The rising interest in the Astros caused jerseys to increase their price by 15%, if the price of the jersey was $60, the new price is...

What is $69?


Some doctors recommend adults drink 4 liters of water everyday. They're are approximately 29.6 milliliters in 1 fluid ounce. The number which is closest to the number of fluid ounces in 4 liters is ....

(round to the nearest whole)

What is 135 fl oz.

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