19 Best Wedding Dress Designers in Europe | European Bridal, Unique Designers | Luxury Bridal Wear (2024)


So you’ve just said “Yes” to the love of your life. Congratulations! Now, it's time to start the journey of finding the perfect wedding gown. And, well, that's not a simple task, especially with so many stunning options out there. But don't fret! We've put together a list of the top 15 bridal designers in Europe who create exceptional wedding gowns. Take a look at their stunning creations below and let them inspire you.

Alejandra Oria

Founded in 2020, Alejandra Oria is a Madrid-based clothing brand focusing on bespoke wedding dresses. Elegant lines and silhouettes, contemporary aesthetics, hand-made patterns, high-quality fabrics, and attention to detail — that’s what Alejandra Oria is known for. The brand creates wedding attire for women who find fun in fashion, love experimenting, and want to stand out from the crowd. Dresses by Alejandra Oria are all designed exclusively for each bride, reflecting their personal style in every stitch. The entire process of designing and making the garments is carried out in Madrid, which allows constant supervision.


Annika Maria

Annika Maria creates beautiful wedding attire for modern, stylish, and self-confident brides. She personally crafts each piece in her Cologne courtyard atelier, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. Annika incorporates the latest trends into her innovative designs, using only the finest fabrics and craftsmanship. Whether it's a wedding dress, bridal pantsuit, or cape, Annika Maria is dedicated to fulfilling every bride's desires. From initial sketch to final creation, she provides wholehearted support throughout the process.


Castellar Granados

In 2016 fashion designer Castellar Granados launched a self-named brand dedicated to bridal, evening, and co*cktail wear. The Spanish label reimagines the classic perspective on bridal attire, breaks boundaries, and escapes from clichés, offering brides clothing pieces with a strong identity. All Castellar Granados gowns are made of high-quality fabrics and natural materials, such as silk, linen, and cotton. Plus, the label is always in search of new shapes that adapt perfectly to the body. Distinguishing details, the handcraft, and the impeccable tailoring of each piece are the brand's signature. Annually Castellar Granados releases capsule wedding collections that help brides find the dress of their dreams.


Claudia Llagostera Atelier

Claudia Llagostera is a Madrid-based designer creating stunning timeless gowns for modern brides. When working on her collections, she always tries to find a balance between naturalness, comfort, and elegance. Claudia's designs celebrate individuality, allowing each bride's unique personality and style to shine. The brand is committed to sustainable practices and proudly promotes a 100% Made in Spain approach.



Cortana is a clothing brand founded by designer Rosa Esteva in 2001, with its first store in Palma. Since then, the brand has experienced significant growth, expanding to multiple new store locations. The brand’s creations are characterized by a careful selection of fabrics, color palettes, and unique prints. At Cortana, they praise femininity and promote conscious consumer choices. Sensibility, sustainability, and slow fashion are at the core of the brand's philosophy. Each Cortana garment is crafted with close attention to detail by skilled artisan hands in local ateliers in Spain.


Donatelle Godart

While sketching her own bridal dress in 2014, designer Donatelle Godart came up with the idea of setting up her very own fashion brand. With its launch a year later, the brand has quickly gained recognition and established itself among renowned fashion houses for its serious and original approach. The French fashion label praises romanticism, flippancy, and femininity. Donatelle Godart creates wonderful bridal gowns that highlight the beauty of the body and play on the fluidity of materials, the transparency of lace, and the airiness of the tulle. Each new collection is a delicate fusion of the designer's diverse inspirations, drawn from cinematography, art exhibitions, and music. Donatelle Godart's dresses are meticulously tailored in a Paris-based studio, reflecting the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and personalized attention.



The Danish luxury brand Fékih finds beauty in simplicity. It was established by Maria Fékih in 2010 and is dedicated to creating sophisticated pieces with effortless silhouettes for the modern people of tomorrow. Today, Fékih is among the most recognized and beloved brands in the Scandinavian bridal market. The brand's focus lies in crafting beautiful wedding attire using exceptional fabrics and unwavering craftsmanship. Fékih's 2023 collection represents the quintessential of what the designer stands for and fuses her Danish and Tunisian heritage. All garments are meticulously handcrafted in-house in Copenhagen, adding to the brand's appeal.


Inuñez Atelier

Inuñez Atelier is a Madrid-based fashion brand founded by designer Isabel Núñez de Armas in 2012. The brand emerged with the aim of reviving the essence and femininity of Haute Couture. With a focus on meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Inuñez offers a personalized creative process for each woman who visits the atelier. The brand's gowns are exclusive and unique, carefully reflecting the personality and individual colors of each bride.


Kaviar Gauche

Kaviar Gauche is a Berlin-based fashion label founded in 2004 by designers Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl. The brand offers a range of fashion items, including must-have bags, feminine prêt-à-porter collections, and modern bridal couture. The Kaviar Gauche bridal line features dresses suitable for different types of weddings, from opulent celebrations to simple and modern affairs. All gowns and veils are made in Germany and created by designers with great attention to detail. Alongside attire, Kaviar Gauche provides a selection of bridal accessories such as shoes, belts, and jewellery to complement your wedding look.


Lorena Formoso Couture

Lorena Formoso is a talented bridalwear designer based in Spain. Her journey in the world of bridal fashion began quite unexpectedly when she created a wedding dress for her sister. However, Lorena's incredible talent quickly caught the attention of others, and since then, she hasn't looked back. Each dress is carefully designed and brought to life in the brand's atelier in Madrid, where they embrace artisan techniques and source the finest fabrics. The LF bride is a woman who values fashion, art, and the environment. She is confident, demanding, and above all, wants to be herself on her special day.


Marcela Mansergas

Marcela Mansergas is a fashion designer with an undeniably well-defined style. In 2006, she fulfilled her long-term dream by establishing her own fashion brand. Through hard work and dedication, Marcela soon gained recognition in the industry. At her Madrid-based studio, she creates bespoke wedding gowns for stylish modern-day brides. Marcelapays close attention to detail and delves into each project to the fullest, giving her all to each and every client she works with. The brand’s mission is to create exclusive bridal attire that enhances the natural beauty of whoever wears it.

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Róisín Pierce

Róisín Pierce is an Irish-based womenswear designer who effortlessly combines innovation with artisan techniques. With each collection, she fearlessly explores new creative territory, taking inspiration from traditional Irish crafts and pushing their potential to produce an entirely new category of women's fashion. Róisín's designs feature intricate embroidery, meticulous craftsmanship, decorative loops, bows, and unconventional floral motifs that celebrate femininity.



Romancera is a Madrid-based fashion brand founded by Tamara Vazquez, who discovered her passion for bridalwear while designing her own wedding dress. The brand aims to redefine bridal fashion, moving away from repetitive trends and embracing the significance of bespoke couture. Drawing inspiration from movies, music, photography, and art movements, Tamara infuses her designs with a unique artistic flair. Romancera advocates for sustainability and quality, using only organically sourced materials. The brand also loves to explore new techniques and fabrics to ensure each piece is distinct and individual.


Sophie et Voilà

Sophie et Voilà is a Spanish contemporary bridal brand focused on minimal silhouettes. Each dress by Sophie et Voilà is unique and created exclusively for its owner. Behind the wheel are two creative souls: the company’s creative director Sofía Arribas and CEO, Saioa Goitia. The entire team of Sophie et Voilà is made up of women working in Bilbao-based facilities, where each product is designed, managed, and manufactured. This way, the bridalwear brand avoids the transportation of unnecessary and polluted materials. Sophie et Voilà embraces sustainability by using recycled fabrics in their designs and employing recycled packaging for their products.


Viktor & Rolf Mariage

Viktor & Rolf is a luxury fashion house founded in 1993 by fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Their bridal line, Viktor & Rolf Mariage, reflects the designers' unique take on wedding fashion and, adhering to the three key brand principles: Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, and Provocative Couture. In their latest Spring/Summer 2024 bridal collection, Viktor & Rolf present the fashion house’s iconic sculptural designs adorned with surreal embroideries of bouquet detailing and fairytale flowers.


19 Best Wedding Dress Designers in Europe | European Bridal, Unique Designers | Luxury Bridal Wear (2024)
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