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Rustic décor brings a lot of charm and coziness, and it’s widely used for many weddings today, not only for rustic ones – for woodland, laid-back, backyard and many others, and even if you didn’t choose rustic style as the main one, you can always add some touches of it to your décor. If you are a sucker for rustic décor like me and looking for some inspiration, here it is! Today’s roundup is dedicated to rustic wedding table décor, the cutest and simplest ideas that you can easily realize yourself – no stylists and decorators needed!

Table Settings

A rustic table setting is cozy, relaxed and laid-back, and you can easily create your own cute look according to the theme, colors and your preferences. You can use no tablecloth and just highlight the beauty of the stained wood of your table. Take a cool table runner – burlap or burlap and lace, these are truly rustic fabrics. You may also go for a greenery table runner or a greenery and flower one, moss will be another cool idea for a rustic and woodland wedding. Potted plants are another great idea that can substitute both a table runner and a centerpiece. Add candles to make the tablescape cozier and cuter.

a cozy rustic tablescape with a greenery runner, candles and napkins accessorized with greenery and leather

a dark stained wooden table with an olive branch table runner and candles

greenery runners, pink flower centerpieces and candles with no tablecloth

a wooden table with moss and bold burgundy and green centerpieces, candles and simple cutlery

a wooden table with a lace table runner, candles and pink blooms, kraftpaper menus

a rustic table setting with a burlap and lace table runner, evergreens and blooms, candles

a lush greenery and white bloom table runner, no tablecloth, gold flatware and succulents

a wooden table with a greenery table runner, potted plants, candles and fern leaves for each place setting

a simple white table setting with a wooden slice and cadles and a pink floral centerpiece is easy to recreate

simple rustic table setting with burlap table runners, a wood slice and a floral centerpiece

multiple jars with candles, potted herbs and greenery and a burlap runner

Table Centerpieces

As for centerpieces, these are usually floral and greenery arrangements but to give them a cute rustic look you can use various containers – a watering can, a glass bottle, a jar, a bucket, a wooden box or even a tree stump. If it’s a bottle or a jar, you can wrap it with burlap, lace or twine. The flowers can be not only wildflowers but others, too, and the container will give the arrangement a rustic feel. Put the whole arrangement on a wood slice, add candles or candle lanterns and maybe a chalkboard or wood slice table number. Get inspired!

a box centerpiece with neutral florals and a candle lantern

a bucket with a pink floral arrangement and a glitter table number

a jute wrapped bottle, a lace wrapped jar, a wood slice table number and blush roses

a reclaimed wood box with soft neutral blooms and greenery is easy to make yourself

a reclaimed wood candle lantern, baby's breath in mercury glass vases and candles for a cute centerpiece

a rustic centerpiece with wood slices, various flower arrangements, candles and a table number

a tin bucket with greenery and roses, a wood slice table number can be easily DIYed

a tin pitcher with greenery and white blooms, a jute covered table number on a wooden slice

a tin watering can with colorful flowers for a simple rustic table

a tree stump with flowers and a succulent will be a nice centerpiece

October 6, 2013 Lauren and Michael's wedding at Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

a wood slice with a candle lantern and a jar with baby's breath, a burlap bow with a pearl pin

a wood slice with a jar, a wooden heart and wildflowers will be great for a summer wedding

a wood slice with jars covered with burlap, jute and lace, wildflowers and a chalkboard table name

a wood slice, a chalkboard table number, jars wrapped with twine and wildflowers make up a cool centerpiece

jars covered with lace and burlap, with candles inside and blooms and greenery

jars with wildflowers, candles and a framed table number for a cute rustic tablescape

twine and burlap wrapped glasses with baby's breath look simple and very cute

30 Cozy Rustic Wedding Table Décor Ideas - Weddingomania (2024)
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