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When planning a bridal shower, games are the perfect way to break the ice and encourage mingling. There are a lot of games out there, so it can be difficult to narrow down to the perfect ones for your party. That’s why we pulled together an interactive guide with 40 bridal shower games with directions on how to play them.

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The guide includes classic bridal shower games, trivia and even some games you’ll remember from childhood, but with a twist. There are plenty of options to find the one that fits your party’s theme and the bride’s personality.
As you plan to honor the bride, don’t forget to find a bridal shower invitation that will get the guests excited.

Instructions: Click through the buttons below to sort by style and category. Click the title for game instructions.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (5)

Add a twist to the classic game, Celebrity, by only using famous married women. They can be from real life, TV, music or film!

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (6)

Make up a multiple-choice quiz about the bride and groom.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (7)

See who can guess the pet names guests give their significant others.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (8)

See who can arrange photos of the bride in chronological order.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (9)

Have guests find their celebrity match.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (10)

Get the group to work together to write a toast for the bride.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (11)

Have guests give hilarious marriageadvice.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (12)

Play bingo with a sweet twist.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (13)

See how well the bride and groom know each other.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (14)

Have the group write a poem for thebride.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (15)

Have guests guess what part of the story about the bride is false.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (16)

Play this quick and fun game to see what everyone is carrying in her purse.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (17)

Test the group’s knowledge about the bride-to-be and her groom.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (18)

See how twisted the couple’s love story can get!

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (19)

Put the bride and groom to the test!

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (20)

Play Charades with a wedding twist!

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (21)

Play Crosswords, but with questions about the nearly-weds.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (22)

Play Pictionary with a wedding theme.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (23)

Have guests write the bride’s weddingvow.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (24)

Here’s an icebreaker that will get everyone introduced and learn something about each other.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (25)

See if the bride can match lingerie to each guest’s style.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (26)

See how the bride and friends would handle worst-case scenarios on the wedding day.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (27)

Hold a blind tasting of delicious cakes.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (28)

Bring a bit of nostalgia to the party.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (29)

Have guests share advice for a happymarriage.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (30)

Play the classic game, Jenga, but with a new challenge.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (31)

See if guests can match romantic quotes to movies, TV shows and/or books.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (32)

Bring your party outside and play this outdoor game.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (33)

See who knows the most about famous wedded couples.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (35)

See who can recall what the bride is bringing on her honeymoon.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (36)

Give everyone a list of forbidden words and see who can go without saying them.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (37)

Bake cupcakes and put a surprise in one of them. Who will be the lucky guest?

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (38)

Here’s a classic shower game that let’s everyone be a fashion designer.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (39)

Have each guest decorate a small cake or cupcake for a prize.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (40)

Give the guests presents with this fast-paced gift exchange.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (41)

Get a hilarious life-size poster of the groom for a different version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (42)

Bring everyone closer and have her share the story of her first kiss.

40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (43)

Have each guest share facts about themselves.

Celebrity Wives


Write the names of famous moms on the back of index cards. As guests arrive, tape a card to each person’s forehead. Throughout the party, each guest has to guess what their card says based on clues guests give them.


The host writes "Katie Holmes" on one of the cards and sticks it to a guest’s forehead. Other guests can give the person clues, like saying, "Once married to Tom Cruise."

Bride Trivia


Gather 10 multiple choice questions about the bride, like her favorite food, where she met her fiancé, where he proposed, etc. Have guests guess the answers.


Sit guests in a circle and hand out the quiz to each guest. The host asks a question to the group and reads each answer choice. Then, guests guess the answer out loud.

Pet Names


Have each guest write down their favorite pet name they give a loved one. At random, the host reads them aloud and players guess which card belongs to whom.


Upon arrival, ask each person to write down a pet name she calls her boyfriend, partner or husband. Selecting anonymously from a bowl or hat, the nickname is read aloud and see who can match the pet name to the person.

Bride Timeline


Display and arrange childhood photos of the bride out of chronological order. Give players paper and see if they can put each photo in order by age (youngest to oldest).


Display a dozen or more photos of the bride in no particular order. Have guests number what they think is the chronological order of the photos. Whoever gets the most right wins.

Famous Couples


Come up with a list of famous couples, either fictitious or real, and see if guests can find the person who has their celebrity match.


Write "Sandy" on one index card and "Danny" on another. When it’s time to be seated, the guests mingle until they find their match. This example is the couple from the movie Grease.

Telephone Toast


Have the host whisper a wedding toast into the next person’s ear. Have the toast travel around the table. Once it reaches the bride, the last person says the toast aloud to the bride.


The host whispers "To happiness and health..." to the next person. Each person whispers what she heard into the next guest’s ear. The toast changes as it gets passed along. The final guest gets to give the funny toast to the bride.

Mad Libs Guest Book


Provide each guest with the same Mad Libs to complete and see if the bride can guess who wrote which one.


Have each guest complete their own Mad Lib. Collect the sheets and shuffle into a pile. Have the bride read each Mad Lib and guess who wrote each one.

Wedding Bingo


Make a bingo card for each guest and use candy for the bingo pieces.


Create bingo cards using numbers in the squares or make it themed and use the bride’s favorite cities she’s visited. Call out the numbers. First guest to get four in a row wins!

The Newlywed Game


Create 10 open-ended questions for the groom to answer about himself. Have guests guess if the bride will guess right or wrong. Then have the bride guess his answers at the party.


Send the groom questions like "Who said ’I love you’ first?" or "Who is messier?" Guests guess if the bride answers correctly or not. Then have the bride guess the correct answer for each. Players that guess right get a point.

Group Poem


Pass around a pen and paper. Each guest writes a line for the poem. Each person folds the paper down after she writes a phrase, so only her line shows. The paper continues to be folded and passed along until everyone has contributed a line.


The host starts the first line of the poem and passes it to the next guest. Once everyone has a turn, the host reads the poem to the bride.

Two Truths and a Lie


Have each guest think of two truthful stories about the bride and groom and one lie. After telling each story, the group gets to guess which isn’t true.


A guest shares a story about how they met the groom and gives three variations saying, "…he wore a ripped t-shirt", "…he talked with his mouth full" and "…he belched loudly." The other guests then have to guess which story was false.

Purse Raid


Create a list that includes 20+ items. The more unique the item is, the more points it’s worth.


A list includes car keys worth one point, lipstick for five points and perfume for 10 points. The person with a purse worth the most points wins.

Wedding Jeopardy


Create questions worth different amount of money/points grouped in categories. Split guests in teams and have a team choose a question from a wedding category. If they answer right within the given time, the team gets the money/points.


The first team picks the category "How They Met" and answers where the couple had their first date. If the team gets the answer correct, they get the points. Don’t forget players must answer in the form of a question to get their money/points!

Love Story


The host writes the first sentence about how the couple met, and then passes it to the next person. The next person folds the paper down, so only their line is showing. The paper continues to be folded and passed along until everyone has contributed a line.


The host writes the first line about their first date, and then passes to the second person. The second person adds to the story, but before passing, makes sure to fold the paper so only their line is visible. The last person reads the complete story aloud.

Who Said It


Before the shower and separately, have the bride and groom share their love stories. The host reads one story at a time at the party and guests have to guess if the story belongs to the groom or the bride.


The host reads the bride and groom’s stories, but removes names and pronouns. Guests write down “Bride” or “Groom” after each story. The person with the most points wins.

Wedding Charades


Label index cards with favorite wedding movies and then have guests act out the plot.


Split up the guests in two teams or more. A person picks a card with "Wedding Crashers" on it and acts it out to her team. The team must guess the movie before time is up to score a point. The team with the most points wins.

Wedding Crossword


Write 10 or more questions about the couple that can be answered with one word. Use a free crossword site to create the puzzle.


Give each guest (or team) a crossword and 30 minutes to complete it. When time is up, collect the crosswords and see who was able to correctly complete it.

Bridal Pictionary


Write wedding activities on card and have guests draw one. The player must draw what is on the card and the other player has to guess what it is.


Split the group into teams. A person picks "tossing the bouquet" from the hat and must draw the phrase on paper without talking. To win points, the other player has to guess what it is before the timer buzzes.

Write My Vows


Have the host write "I vow too..." and pass the sheet to the next guest. The player writes a line of the vow and, before passing, folds the paper so the next guest doesn’t see what the host wrote. Repeat until everyone gets a turn.


The host writes, "I vow to never hog the TV remote." The host folds the paper, hiding her sentence and then passes it to the next player. The paper gets passed around and folded each time until all players contribute and the vow is complete. The host reads the vow to the bride.

Guest Clue


The host writes a series of questions that applies to each guest. Guests have an hour to talk to everyone and figure out who belongs to each question.


First question is "Who introduced the bride to the groom?" Guests talk to everyone to find out who introduced the bride to the groom. Person with the most points wins.

Lingerie Guess


Ask each guest to bring a piece of lingerie that matches her style. Display the lingerie and see if the bride can match them to the correct person.


Display the lingerie with numbers and give the bride a sheet of paper to write down the match to each piece of lingerie. Get guests involved and have them also guess who brought what.

Disaster Wedding


On note cards, write out wedding faux pas or nightmares. Hand out a card with a question and have guests respond to the scenario.


Guests get the question, "What if two bridesmaids get in a fight over the bouquet?" The guests write down their response. Once everyone is done, the host collects all the answers and reads aloud.

Cake Tasting


Set up a cake or cupcake bar where only the host knows the flavors. The host takes turns blindfolding each player to taste the cakes, while the other players wait in a different room. The blindfolded guest must guess the flavors.


A Player is blindfolded and is guided by the host through the tasting. The host writes down the guesses. After each player gets a turn, the host reveals who guessed the most flavors correctly.

Memory Lane


The host gives everyone a notecard to write down their favorite memory with the bride.


After collecting all the memories, the host reads the first card aloud. The guests then have to guess who shared that memory with the bride.

Wedded Wisdom


In the bridal shower invitations, include a Advice Card and a note of instruction to write down a tip for the bride and to return it with the RSVP. Or, have guests bring it with them to the shower.


The host collects all the responses and reads them aloud to the bride. After reading them, the host can compile all the cards into a scrapbook for the bride.

Couples Jenga


If the shower includes couples, set up Jenga as usual, but tie each couple’s hands together.


With hands tied together (palms facing each other), have a couple try to remove a Jenga block without tipping the whole tower over.

Guess That Quote


Create a list of 20 quotes from famous films, TV shows or books. Provide help with a word bank or leave out hints. Then, see if guests can guess the titles.


One quote reads, "If you’re a bird, I’m a bird." A guest guesses correctly, The Notebook.

Ball and Chain


Have guests pair up and race each other, transporting balls from one side of a field to the other. However, they can only transport the balls between their knees.


Line up the pairs of players and let one set at a time race down the field. Without using their hands, each guest has to transport five balls (between their knees) from one bucket to the other. Whoever completes it the fastest wins.

Celebrity Marriages


Write a list of 20 couples and see if guests can guess if they’re married or not. Make it a challenge and add famous couples who are dating, in a domestic partnership or recently split.


The first famous couple on the list is Beyoncé and Jay-Z. A guest writes that they are married and answers the rest of the questions. The host reads the answers and players tally up how many they got right. The one who has the most points wins.

Wedding Catch Phrase


Create notecards with wedding themes, phrases and items. Without saying the word(s), a player describes it to her team as fast as she can before time runs out.


Split the group into two teams. A person from one team draws "Bouquet". The person describes it to her team without using the word. If the team guesses correctly before the buzzer, that team gets a point.

Honeymoon Bag Memory Game


Fill a bag with items the bride would bring on her honeymoon. After showing each item, guests have to quickly write down and recall what was in the bag.


Show the group up to 20 items. After hiding the items, give players five minutes to write down as many items as they can remember. The guest with the most correct items wins.

Forbidden Ring


Provide each guest with a sheet of forbidden words (up to five) and hand out only five plastic rings. If someone catches someone with a ring saying a forbidden word, that person gets to take the ring.


The sheet includes the words "honeymoon", "bridesmaid" and the groom’s name. One guest, with a ring, mistakenly asks where the bride is going on her honeymoon. The person who catches it takes the ring. The person with the most rings at the end of the party wins.

Cupcake Surprise


Put a plastic wedding ring inside one of the cupcakes before you bake them. The guest who picks the cupcake with the ring wins a prize!


The host makes cupcakes for the party, but bakes a plastic ring inside one cupcake. All the guests choose a cupcake and the person who finds the ring wins all of the leftover cupcakes!

TP Gown


Split the group into even teams and hand each group a roll of toilet paper. Give each team 15 minutes to decorate one of their team members in an elaborate toilet paper gown.


In each team, guests dress a member of their team in a creative toilet paper wedding dress. Once time is up, have each team put on a fashion show for the bride. The bride picks the winning design.

Cake Decorating Contest


Hand each guest a dessert to decorate and provide sprinkles, candies and frosting. Give them only a few minutes to decorate. Whoever does the best job wins!


Once the guests finish decorating, the bride votes for her favorites based on the different categories (originality, fan favorite, etc). Whoever scores the highest wins a prize.

Pass the Presents


With guests circled around the host, the host presents three wrapped gifts. When the host says, “Start", guests rush to grab a gift. The host then reads a love story about the bride and groom, with directional words "right" and "left". When the guests hear “right” or “left”, they must pass the gift in that direction.


The host started the story with "They knew they were right for each other when..." The guests with the three gifts must pass their gift to the person to their right. When the story is done, the players left with presents get to open them.

Pin the Ring on the Groom


Give each guest a paper ring to pin on the groom when blindfolded.


Whoever gets their paper ring closest to the groom’s ring finger wins!

First Kiss


Go around the room and have each guest share their story of their first kiss. Have the room vote for their favorites based on different categories like most romantic, funniest and most original.


After guests tell their stories, have everyone vote by show of hands what they think is the best story in categories, like romantic, funniest and most original.

Life Thread


Pass a spool of thread to guests and have them cut off a piece at any length. When everyone has their thread, guests must share stories or facts about themselves as they wrap the thread around their finger.


A guest has a long piece of thread and has to share a story or fact about herself while wrapping the thread around her finger until the thread is completely used up. Then it’s the next guest’s turn.

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40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (48)

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40 Fun Bridal Shower Games (2024)


How many games should be played at a bridal shower? ›

Conclusion. A bridal shower typically has three games going on at once, with an average battery life of three hours. Interactive and non-interactive, or multiplayer and single-player, are the two most common types of games played.

How do you make a bridal shower not boring? ›

Go Somewhere Unique. You're not obligated to sit on the back patio or stake out your parents' country club. Head to a pasta-making class, boozy art class, vineyard, brewery, salon, beach or gorgeous restaurant to spice things up and make your shower feel extra special (and worth the trip for any out-of-town friends).

What is the shoe game at bridal shower? ›

The Premise: The shoe game involves asking a series of questions about the couple's preferences, experiences, and personalities. The couple answers by raising the shoe that they believe represents the best answer, either their own shoe or their partner's shoe.

How do you play mad libs at a bridal shower? ›

You can go about playing this game in a few ways. Without revealing the story (or even the game for that matter), ask individual guests to give you a funny adjective, noun or verb as outlined in the wedding vows Mad Libs story. Once the blanks are filled in, have the to-be-wed(s) read the wedding vows to the crowd.

How many hours should a bridal shower be? ›

Bridal showers typically last 2-4 hours and are not considered an all-day event. Although, depending on the type of shower you are hosting the time can vary. Most showers will either take place in the morning and serve as a brunch, or in the afternoon served with lunch or finger foods.

Who pays for the bridal shower? ›

Those who are hosting the shower are responsible for paying for the shower costs. This might include venue costs, the hosts' gifts, decorations, food, beverages, and other event expenses.

What's in the sock bridal shower game? ›

Bridal Shower game: "What's in the sock?" place items that the bride might need on her honeymoon in long socks and number them. Guest can only touch socks with their feet to guess what's in the socks. Person with the most correct answers wins.

Do you give prizes at a bridal shower? ›

You'll need one grand prize for each of the bridal shower games you're playing during the party. If there's room in your budget, you can include optional second- and third-place prizes for each game, or reward all the players with small prizes for participating.

Can you play the wedding shoe game at a bridal shower? ›

The shoe game can be played at just about any wedding-related party—you aren't limited to the reception. This is also a fun activity for the bridal shower and can be set up after the guest of honor's spouse-to-be arrives at the very end.

Does the mother of the bride pay for the bridal shower? ›

In short, the host is the one who pays for the bridal shower—or at least some of it. Most commonly, this is the maid of honor, but the couple's relatives, friends or even the to-be-weds themselves can all pitch in to cover the cost of the wedding shower.

How do you make the bride feel special at her shower? ›

Honeybee Bridal Series: How to Still Make a Bridal Shower Special Right Now
  1. Get her favorite meals. Since bridal showers are usually catered if they're big, you probably won't need too much food. ...
  2. Rosé tasting. ...
  3. Video recording. ...
  4. Create a virtual book. ...
  5. Go all out with decor. ...
  6. Make it a spa experience. ...
  7. Surprise her with gifts.
Mar 11, 2021

Who pays for what at a bridal shower? ›

Those who are hosting the shower are responsible for paying for the shower costs. This might include venue costs, the hosts' gifts, decorations, food, beverages, and other event expenses.

What's in your handbag game? ›

This 'What's in Your Purse' Baby Shower Game includes 24 game cards that list common and not-so-common items found in purses, including keys, gum, a screwdriver, and nail polish. See how many items your guests have in their purses. The person with the most points wins. Suitable for 2 to 24 players.

Who is supposed to throw the bridal shower? ›

The maid of honor traditionally takes on the role of chief shower planner. But she isn't a one-woman show: She relies on the bridesmaids to help her with planning logistics. On the day of, the girls run the party, making sure everything goes smoothly and that guests are taken care of.

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