60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (2024)

Want to plan an unforgettable bridal shower for your best friend, sister or other special ladies in your life? Choosing a theme can help shape your party and give it a personalized feel. For beautiful wedding shower ideas, check out our collection of 64 bridal shower themes. You’ll find inspiration for your decorations, menu, games and invitations. No matter the bride’s style, there’s something here for everyone, from tropical-themed celebrations to casual cookouts.

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Once you’ve looked through these wedding shower ideas, design a unique gift for the bride-to-be. Consider customized gifts like personalized wine glasses.

1. Fruit-Filled Brunch

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (5)

Source: Angela Zion

Lay out a spread where no guest will go hungry. Throw a brunch time celebration with waffles, muffins, grapefruit, peaches, berries and mimosas.

2. Bright and Bold

Go big with your colors. Blend pinks, oranges and purples together for a fully festive vibe. From your napkins to your glassware, make sure every element is rich in color.

3. Garden Party

Transform an outdoor tent into a garden scene with flowing greenery and fresh florals as captured here by Julia Ross. Keep your colors simple and include white for a bright and tranquil feel.

4. Bohemian Chic

Throwing a bridal shower for a lady who loves the bohemian style? Form your bouquets out of unique blooms like thistles and anemones. Accent with metallic vases and candleholders to offer extra style.

5. Tropical Touches

For a spring or summer bridal shower, consider a coastal or tropical theme. Serve your drinks in coconut halfshells to go with the laid back vibe.

6. Travel Theme

Have a sister or friend who wants to see the world? Organize a travel themed party for her bridal shower. Decorate with maps, signs and luggage tags—and be sure to serve international foods.

7. Tea Party

Put some personality into a tea party celebration with burlap signs, lacey accents and loose leaf tea giveaway bags. Be sure to incorporate the tea party theme in your shower invitations and thank you cards.

8. Floral and Metallics

Create a dynamic duo of metallics and florals for an upbeat aura. Choose metallic accents for your plates and silverware to contrast with your flower arrangements and tablecloth.

9. Nautical Motif

Build a theme that’s based around the water. Try bridal shower decorations that include ships, anchors, seashells and aquatic animals.

10. Retro Glamor

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (14)

Source: Emily Blake

Choose a roaring 20s or hip 80s theme for a wildly fun bridal bash. Design your invites to inform guests of your theme along with suggestions of what they should wear.

11. Tranquil Spa Day

Help the bride kick back and relax with a spa-themed bridal shower. Design your details with peaceful blues and greens. Consider activities like hiring a masseuse for mini massages and giveaways like soaps and aromatherapy candles.

12. Food Truck

When it comes to bridal shower food, anything is fair game. Arrange for a food truck that offers tacos, pizzas, gelato or smoothies like Julia Ross so expertly captures here.

13. Whimsical Accents

Even the smallest decor details add to the personality and vibe of the party. Ribbons, banners and flower arrangements make the space feel cheerful and festive.

14. Neutral Tones

Looking for elegant wedding shower ideas? Try a neutral-toned party made up of blacks, whites and tans. Clue your guests into the color scheme for a sleek and sophisticated celebration.

15. Matching Treats

Want red to be a part of your color scheme? Offer a menu that’s bursting with red tones like berry yogurt parfaits and mini cupcakes. By matching your bridal shower food to your theme, you’ll build harmony and cohesion.

16. Woodland Creatures

A woodland theme allows you to decorate with wood slices, burlap, greenery and animals. Whip up treats like these hedgehog desserts for a fun conversation starter.

17. 20s Style Shower

Give your bridal shower a retro feel by picking a decade like the 20s or 50s. Select vintage pieces for your decor like metallic glassware and crystal vases.

18. Urban Monochrome

Hosting your shower in a trendy downtown location? Try a monochromatic scheme like all shades of blue or purple. Choose signs and decor that match your scheme to bring everything together.

19. Morning Mimosas

The ladies will be excited for tasty mimosas at a morning shower. Offer a full help-yourself bar complete with fresh fruit, various juice choices and bubbling champagne.

20. Healthy Spread

Leave the bride and her guests feeling good with a fresh and healthy menu. Consider acai bowls, yogurt parfaits and spinach quiches for your spread.

21. Floral Fiesta

Bridal shower themes need not be complicated. Center the party around flowers, and include fresh bouquets on your tables. Use flower seeds as your giveaways and incorporate a range of blooms on your invites.

22. Modern Rustic

Combine a rustic feel with a modern edge by using lanterns, driftwood and fresh flowers. The contrast of bright colors and wood elements brings plenty of personality to the party.

23. Elegant Tea Party

Set the stage for a relaxing afternoon with a lovely tea party. Have guests wear dresses and hats. Serve tea treats like muffins, fresh fruit and blueberry scones.

24. Metallic Highlights

Compose a color scheme for the shower that includes metallics—whether that’s gold, silver or bronze. Dip vases in metallic paint, find shimmery tablecloths and sprinkle your giveaway bags with glitter.

25. Bridal Barbeque

Instead of going light on the food, give your guests something to satisfy. Plan an outdoor barbeque complete with pulled pork, ribs or grilled vegetable skewers.

26. Crepes and Croissants

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (30)

Source: Angela Zion

For simple bridal shower foods that are bound to satisfy all guests, stir up enough batter for crepes and croissants. Include a gluten free recipe in your lineup so there’s something for everyone.

27. Simple Elegance

Opt for a clean and stylish aura for your party. Choose wedding shower decorations that can include a maximum of three colors, and make one of those a metallic accent. By keeping things simple, you’ll have a sleek ambience that’s fit for a queen.

28. Pineapple Haven

Fruits make for fun wall decor, centerpieces and accents on invites. Whether you want it to feel like a tropical paradise or a luscious orchard, choose fruits that compliment that vision.

29. White and Gold

A two-toned theme of gold and white is classic and sophisticated. Your games, signage and table decor should incorporate the two colors—leaving a little room for accent tones if desired.

30. Donut Display

Donut kid yourself. Who doesn’t love a frosted circular treat with sprinkles? Form a wall of donuts for your dessert or giveaway table.

31. Indoor Garden Party

Bring the beauty of nature indoors by mimicking a garden. Incorporate moss, flowers, greenery and butterflies to make it feel like the real deal.

32. Autumn Rustic

Planning a bridal shower during the autumn months? Involve colored leaves, wood slices and burlap into your decorations and invites.

33. Woodland Wonderland

Get creative with your outdoor theme. Order a cake that looks like a tree and decorate with everything from pinecones to moss to wood cookies.

34. Spring Lilacs

Nothing quite says ‘spring’ like fresh, tiny blooms like these ones by Prema. Decorate your bridal shower with lilacs, then ensure your tablecloths and candles complement the tones.

35. Tropical Shower

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (39)

Source: Maria Lamb

Make the bride-to-be feel like she’s on a tropical getaway. Build your ambience with palm leaves, coconuts, bright flowers and fresh berries.

36. Earthy Tones

Enrich the atmosphere of the shower with greenery and wood elements for an earthy vibe. Metallics like gold often pair well with green, brown and pastel colors.

37. NYE Bridal Shower

Celebrate this year’s memories and look ahead to the future with the bride-to-be. Host a shower on New Year’s Eve for an unforgettable event. Involve metallic accents along with bottles of bubbly and cartons of confetti.

38. Unique Drinks

Open a co*cktail recipe book for some refreshing ideas. Let guests create their own drinks or opt for a spread with margaritas, mojitos or a new drink you’ve never tried.

39. Fresh and Festive

Bridal showers are a beautiful time to celebrate the bride-to-be and her new life ahead. Design a light and airy aura with white tablecloths, fresh colorful blooms and pastel highlights. When the bride steps in the room, she’ll feel a breath of fresh air.

40. Contrasting Colors

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (44)

Source: Emily Blake

Amp up the eye-appeal on your color scheme with a stark contrast. Try black and white patterns against pronounced shades like pink, red and orange. You’ll have immediate depth in your design, along with loads of personality.

41. Blue and Green Blend

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (45)

Source: Maria Lamb

Ahhh. Set a peaceful mood by layering soft blues and greens. Accent your tables with succulents, cactuses or other greenery. Play music in the background that has a tranquil feel.

42. Cupcake Heaven

Add some sweet character to your bridal shower food. Offer fancy cupcakes topped with whipped frosting, fresh berries and crushed candy bars.

43. Modern Boho

Pastel tones like pink and green make for an upbeat but not overwhelming color scheme. Layer in metallic accents for a bohemian feel with a modern edge.

44. Pink Parade

Deck your bridal shower out with plenty of pink. From lemonade to frosted cakes, choose bridal shower food that matches your color scheme.

45. Coastal Paradise

Place banana leaves under your plates and top your drinks with little umbrellas. The bride doesn’t have to wait for her honeymoon: she can feel relaxed and cheerful at her shower, too.

46. Balloons and More

When you add balloons to a room, it automatically feels like a party. Incorporate balloons in unique ways, like building an arch for a photo backdrop or tying a helium balloon to each chair.

47. Summer Garden Picnic

Gather flowers and greenery from local fields and gardens. Place them in recycled bottles and vases for beautiful decor that’s also environmentally-friendly. You’ll have a garden aura without having to spend a fortune.

48. Mediterranean Menu

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (52)

Source: Sarah Tucker

Mix up traditional bridal shower food by offering delectables you’d find on the Mediterranean coast. Try caprese salad, hummus wraps or falafel plates.

49. Colorful Characteristics

Music and colors often set the party’s mood. Make it a bright, joyful celebration by including blues, greens and oranges—along with upbeat tunes that get everyone smiling.

50. Global Cuisine

Give your guests a delicious food tour through various countries and cultures. Offer favorite dishes from places like Thailand, China, Spain and France.

51. Pretty in Pink

From your invitations to your floral arrangements, involve stunning shades of pink. By choosing a common color like pink, your shower will have natural harmony and beauty.

52. Fall Accents

If the shower date is in September, October or November, embrace the autumn theme. Select colored leaves and rustic filler for your decor. Offer warm goodies like hot apple cider and butternut squash soup.

53. Fancy Delights

Whether it’s macaroons or mini sandwiches, make your guests feel like they’re at a light and luxurious afternoon. Pick one of the bride’s favorite desserts to make your menu extra special.

54. Beachy Brunch

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (58)

Source: Maria Lamb

Kick back with a bridal shower that makes everyone feel like they’re on vacation. Provide a menu inclusive of fresh fruits and coconut for a beach-like ambience. Design your invitations, signs and thank you notes to match.

55. Aqua Oriented

Construct your bridal shower theme with the ocean in mind. Incorporate ships, sails and anchors into your designs and decor.

56. A Casual Bash

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (60)

Source: Sarah Hearts

Bridal showers don’t need to be fancy or complicated. If the bride-to-be is more laidback in nature, try a casual theme with her favorite foods, flowers and people.

57. Citrus Shower

Pops of yellow or orange make a room seem brighter. For a spring or summer shower, opt for a citrus theme. Your drinks, food and even your decor can incorporate this fresh zingy style.

58. Sugar and Spice

60+ Bridal Shower Themes To Help You Celebrate in Style (62)

Source: Sarah Tucker

Provide a full spectrum of tastes from spicy to sweet. Your bridal shower food could include pad thai or mini tacos—paired alongside a platter of mini desserts.

59. Red and White

Shower the bride with a color scheme that’s filled with love, like red and white. Layer your table decor with both tones and add unique elements like red chairs or burgundy giveaway boxes.

60. Light and Cheery

The best wedding shower ideas capture the aura of what you’re celebrating. Soft shades intermixed with bright highlights, like these balloons, give a cheerful tone to your whole ensemble.

61. Earthy Vintage

Pull in antique touches like wooden crates, lanterns and candle holders for a gorgeous, timeless feel. Add fresh greenery like eucalyptus leaves for a vintage garden theme.

62. Retro Couples Shower

Who says the men can’t join? Choose a fun, retro theme like the 70s or 90s to get everyone celebrating. Plan your games and activities to match the era.

63. Majestic Motif

Choose rich tones for your bridal shower theme, like purple, gold and green. From your macaroons to your table decor, involve these shades for a magical mood.

64. Seashells and Shoreline

Develop a strong theme with nautical elements like seashells, starfish and canoes. Build cohesion with beautiful blues and clever signs that hint at your shoreline motif.

Make the bride-to-be feel extra special. Bring a thoughtful gift like a canvas print of her engagement photos or an engraved cutting board.

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