All Eyes on Rafah': The meaning behind the post going viral on Instagram (2024)

The Mother of All Matches - Pakistan vs India Looms Large in New York

June 08, 2024

They don't call matches between Pakistan and India the "Mother of All Matches" for nothing. The rivalry between the subcontinental giants is one of the most intense and exciting in all of world sport. On June 9th at the Nassau County Cricket Stadium, we'll yet again be treated to another chapter in this epic cricketing saga as the arch-rivals go head to head in a must-win T20 World Cup clash. As is always the case when these teams meet, interest and excitement is through the roof. Tickets to witness the action live were snapped up almost immediately, with only the most premium offerings still available at eye-watering prices like $10,000 for Diamond Club seats. But for many devoted fans, no price is too high when it comes to being part of such an momentous occasion. The stadium will no doubt be filled to the brim with passionate supporters from both nations eagerly awaiting the first ball. Both Pakistan and India arrived in New York under pressure. Pakistan suffered

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All Eyes on Rafah': The meaning behind the post going viral on Instagram

All Eyes on Rafah': The meaning behind the post going viral on Instagram (1)

The viral spread of the "All Eyes on Rafah" message on social media has shone a necessary light on concerning developments in the besieged Strip.

Created by a user in Malaysia, the simple yet powerful post featuring tents arranged in a cry for attention has resonated widely, with over 35 million shares on Instagram alone.

This massive grassroots response indicates a strong desire among netizens to comprehend why Rafah has emerged as a focal point. The city in Gaza finds itself in a precarious situation, with lives continually at risk.

By drawing global eyes to recent strikes and the dire humanitarian conditions faced by civilians, the post aims to hold accountable those inflicting harm while also advocating for impacted communities.

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All Eyes on Rafah': The meaning behind the post going viral on Instagram (2024)
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