Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (2024)

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Set amongst a forest of Ponderosa Pines and endless mountain vistas, Aly and Ian’s early autumn Arizona wedding was a warm and welcoming day celebrating two families becoming one.

The stunning surrounding scenery inspired the pastel hues of a dusty rose and cream color palette, with nods to the pine trees and mountains making appearances in everything from the tie clips and cufflinks to the signage and seating.

Dive in for all the details on Aly and Ian’s southwestern wedding, and get inspired to style a romantic dusty rose wedding of your own.

Tying the knot in a romantic forest wedding ceremony

For Aly and Ian’s wedding ceremony, they chose to keep the themed decor simple and instead let the surrounding natural beauty take center stage.

The ceremony took place under a large, dark wood pergola with views of the surrounding greenery and trees from all directions. Flanked by their wedding party, the couple tie the knot — literally — with a cord of three strands ceremony symbolizing their sacred union.

Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (9)

Rustic welcome sign with dusty rose floral accents

As guests entered the ceremony space, they were greeted by a rustic wood welcome sign atop a decorative brass stand featuring the couple’s name and wedding date. A delicate spray of blush and dusty rose flowers and greenery and the first taste of the recurring mountain motif gave a glimpse of the overall theme of the wedding day.

Simple and impactful wedding aisle decor

Another sign accented with blush and dusty rose flowers and lush greenery greeted the guests as they arrived to take their seats. It instructed guests to sit on either side of the aisle, foregoing the traditional bride’s side versus the groom’s side. It was a thoughtful way to bring everyone together even before they officially joined families as husband and wife.

Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (11)

While the seating area was kept simple with just some wood reserved seating signage at each row, a table was set up at the entrance with rose-petal-filled organza bags and a sign encouraging guests to shower the happy couple after the vows.

Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (12)

Gorgeous dusty rose and cream bridal flowers

No wedding theme is complete without beautiful flowers to tie it all together, and Aly and Ian’s dusty rose and cream florals were no exception. Pastel-hued roses and peonies accented with baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and dusty miller combined to create breathtaking handheld flowers for the couple, bridal party, and closest loved ones.

Aly’s ethereal bridal look

Aly’s stunning gown featured frothy layers and embroidered details with a flattering low back. Her golden hair flowed in delicate waves, with sparkling accessories perfectly accenting the lines of her dress and trailing veil.

For her bridal flowers, Aly chose a romantic round bouquet in dusty rose wrapped with a matching ribbon. To make it even more personal, a charm featuring the couple’s sweet cat keeps the beloved pet with them throughout their special day.

Sweet dusty rose bridesmaid bouquets

In keeping with the pastel color palette, Aly’s bridesmaids wear flowing empire waist gowns in a light sage that calls out to the greenery in the bridesmaid bouquets and the soft colors of the Arizona landscape. The understated hue of the dresses also lets the delicate dusty rose, blush, and cream bouquets really pop.

Charming boutonnieres for the gentlemen

The men needed a pop of color, too, and they did so with both their attire and floral accents, like sage ties and bowties. Ian stood out from the crowd with an elegant white boutonniere accented by textural dusty miller and gold details. The rest of the groomsmen wore dusty rose focal flowers on their sepia-hued suspenders.

The littlest member of the groom’s party — the ring bearer — stole hearts in a pint-sized version of the groom’s suit. Accented with a sage bowtie and dusty rose boutonniere, he dutifully delivered the rings on a handmade mountain-shaped pillow personalized with the couple’s initials and wedding date.

A sweet crown and rose petals for the flower girl

The ring bearer wasn’t the only adorable addition to the bridal party. The flower girl wore a whimsical long-sleeved white lace dress tied with a coordinating sage green sash. Atop her head, she wore a sweet crown of rose and blush flowers as she scattered rose petals down the aisle.

Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (17)

Delicate dusty rose wrist corsages for special guests

The important women in Aly and Ian’s life were color-coded in flowing dusty rose dresses. To tie them into the bridal party even more, they also wore dusty rose and cream wrist corsages that added an extra layer of joy to their ensembles.

A grand southwestern wedding reception

Not only did Aly & Ian’s wedding have breathtaking mountain scenery throughout the day, but they also carried the high peaks theme throughout the reception decor in interesting and inspiring ways.

Upon entering the venue, the guests were greeted with a mountain-themed seating chart, encouraging them to find their seats “among the high peaks.” The venue itself mimics the surrounding mountainscape and nearby Grand Canyon, with striking high ceilings, rustic chandeliers, and natural wood and terracotta-hued detailing throughout.

Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (19)

It’s equal parts grand and cozy, and the celebration got off to a fun-filled start beginning with the wedding party’s exciting entrance.

Flower-filled dusty rose and blush cake and card tables

Aly and Ian’s dusty rose theme made appearances in thoughtful ways throughout the reception space. On the gift and card table, soft blush florals surrounded rustic wooden signage for the card box and gifts. And on the cake table, scrumptious carrot cake cupcakes surround a cake adorned with dusty rose flowers and delicate pearls.

The sweetest sweetheart table

With a front-row seat to the dance floor, Aly and Ian’s head table put them right in the center of the action while also providing a romantic retreat for the pair to enjoy each other’s company. The happy couple enjoyed the toasts and speeches framed by a garland of eucalyptus leaves and a wooden mountain range proclaiming them “Mr. and Mrs.”

Mountain-inspired centerpieces

While the dusty rose florals were featured prominently in other areas of the reception, the guest tables went a different direction. The couple brought in elements of the mountains and surrounding forest for a whimsical woodland tablescape. Tall glass pillars filled with fairy lights were placed atop a rustic wood platter. A circle of eucalyptus leaves brings in the greenery from the outdoors, and mountain-shaped table numbers complete the vibe.

A bubble-filled finale

After a night of celebrating with family and friends and one last dance to cherish each other, Aly and Ian stepped outside through a sea of bubbles as guests toasted to their next adventures as a married couple. Aly sported a denim jacket lovingly embroidered with a “Mrs.” and they were both in matching sage green Nike sneakers. The couple ended their perfect wedding by sharing one more kiss under the shining Arizona moonlight.

Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (23)

Create your dusty rose wedding with Ling’s Moment

Has Aly and Ian’s stunning Arizona wedding inspired you to style your own dusty rose and cream wedding theme? Put your twist on a dusty rose wedding theme with a little help from Ling’s designer faux florals, decor, and accessories.

From bridal bouquets to wedding table centerpieces, our premade flowers are thoughtfully designed and instantly elevate the ambiance of your wedding day. Or, choose from different DIY designer flower box options to create dusty rose wedding decorations that’s totally unique to you.

However you decide to bring your dusty rose wedding theme to life, be sure to share the finished product with us on Instagram @lingsmoment — we love to see the different ways our brides choose to style our flowers!


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Aly & Ian’s Dusty Rose Mountain Vista Wedding (2024)
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