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Every soul game from “From Software” has a spectacular default mechanism, but due to the open design, players usually enhance it with mods, and Elden Ring is no exception here. Here we have our Elden Ring Modding Guide, where we will share details on How to use Mods in Elden Ring in 2024.

Mods are enhancements to the game that add new items, mechanics, or depth to the existing mechanics. Just like that, there are mods for Elden Ring, specifically for players who mastered the game and now want to play with it a bit. With that being said, let’s go to the details below.

Backing Up Elden Ring Save Files

Mods are not official, meaning they are made by people outside the company publishers, or developers. Thus, adding Mods to any game can have negative effects including deletion of game files.

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Before adding Mods to Elden Ring, you need to back up your saved files of the game. How to do it?

  1. Open Windows Search and type in Run, opening it

  2. Search %appdata% and open

  3. Find Elden Ring Folder

  4. Copy and Paste to somewhere else (safe)

Downloading Essential Mods in Elden Ring 2024

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Now that your saved files are secured, you need to download the Elden Ring Mods (Essential) on your system. These are the big Mods that you might have to install before moving on to the smaller Mods. How to do it?

  1. Open your browser

  2. Search for Google

  3. In Google search, search for Elden Ring Mods

  4. Many websites will pop off including Mods, but on top of every website, Nexusmods is the best so far.

  5. Log into Nexus Mods

  6. Download the Elden Ring Mod Loader and Elden Ring Anti-Cheat Toggler by clicking on the Mod, going to files, and clicking on Manual Download

  7. Download Mod Engine 2 separately from Google Search, and make sure all of them are on the latest patch

  8. Unzip/Extract the Downloaded Mods from their download folder

Installing Essential Mods in Elden Ring

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Now that you also have the Mods installed on your system, let’s talk about how to install them properly.

  1. Open Steam

  2. Go to Steam Library

  3. Right-click Elden Ring

  4. Click Manage

  5. Browser Local Files

This will open the game folder for you. Now, we will talk about how to install each Elden Ring Mod you downloaded previously following our Elden Ring Modding Guide.

Installing Mod Engine 2 for Elden Ring 2024

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (4)

Mod Engine 2 is a Mod loader that is used for the skins and other larger Mods like the famous Elden Ring Convergence Mod. It isn’t a must to have it in your games folder, as you can also store it at the previous location we mentioned, remembering where it is installed.

Drag the Mod Engine 2, and place it onto the Elden Ring Folder that opened from Steam following the steps above. It should be below the Games Folder not inside it.

Installing Mod Loader

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (5)

It is a Mod that is used to run the DLL Mods for Elden Ring 2024. What are these? Well, the DLL Mods are the smaller Mods like the First Person Mod, Quick Respawn, and so on.

Open the Folder, and copy all the files from it, pasting directly onto the Games Folder that we talked about earlier.

Installing Toggle Anti Cheat

This is a Mod that can help you turn the Anti Cheat On and Off for specific usability, where you have to deactivate the Anti Cheat to install other things or activate it afterward, so you don’t have to face hackers.

Same as before, copy the files in the folder and paste them into the Games folder of Elden Ring.

Creating Shortcuts for Game Launch with Mods

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (6)

Now, it's time to create shortcuts for launching the game. You have to run the game with the Launch Mod Elden Ring to start the game with all of these installed Mods.

Put the shortcut of the Mod on the desktop, and also the Toggle Anti Cheat. There is a use case for this, so don’t worry about anything.

Right-click on the file, and in the advanced (for Windows 11), you can see a Send to option. Hover over, and you will find a Desktop (create shortcut).

How to Download Elden Ring Mods?

Go to the Nexusmods, and search using Most Downloaded Mods or even the Endorsed Mods option. These will be the smaller Mods that you have to download for the Elden Ring 2024. Download Mods like:

  • Seamless CO-OP

  • Unlock Frame Rate

  • Pause the Game

  • Berserk’s Armor

  • First Person

  • Fast Respawn Mod


Before you download a Mod, you have to check the description as there are sometimes special requirements to install a Mod.

When you find a Mod to download, you just have to open it, and there will be a downloadable file. Download it, extract and then open the game folder as you did before using the Steam Launcher.

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How to Install Elden Ring Mods from Nexusmods?

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Copy the downloaded Mod files inside the folder that you extracted, and then paste them into the Elden Ring Games folder directly. These smaller Mods are installed in this way, as you just have to drag all the files into the Games folder, just like you did before for the two essential Mods above.

For the Mods with the .dll at the end, you have to put them directly into the Mods folder inside the Games folder of Elden Ring. This is the case for all the Mods with the "DLL" files. When you open the folder, there are files with .dll at the end

Mods like Seamless CO-OP, First Person Mod, Faster Respawn, Pause the Game, and Unlock the FPS Mod are installed in this way, just like you did for .dll.

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (8)

For the Berserk Armor Mod should be installed in the Mod Engine 2 Folder. Go to the Berserk Armor Folder, copy the files, and paste them into the ModEngine 2 Folder. Now, open the Longer Variant of the Dragon Slayer Fix, copy the files from the folder Default, and replace them in the Parts folder of the Berserk Armor Mod you just pasted.

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (9)

Last but not least, you also have to update the regulation files, as the latest version of the game is being played here. Go to the Regulation Folder, and copy the Regulation.bin file. Paste it onto the Mod Engine 2 folder, accepting the replacement.

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (10)

In case you are playing Offline, you have to toggle the Anti Cheat Off. Same as before, you need to have the Steam Running in the background when playing Elden Ring with the Mods.

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (11)

You can run the game using the file from the Mod Engine 2 Folder, as it also loads the BErserk Skin, and you can also switch to the First Person using the Q key on your keyboard.

Use the P key on your keyboard to pause the game as well, and FPS are also more than 60 here which are the default locked FPS for Elden Ring even in 2024.

Go to the Table of Lost Grace and there you can buy the Berserk Armor from the Twin Maiden Husk, including its weapon.

How to Disable Mods in Elden Ring 2024?

Now that you know how to install, download, and use these Mods in Elden Ring 2024, let’s move on to the details of how to play the game without these Mods.

The first thing is to toggle the Anti Cheat On by starting the Anti Cheat (clicking), as it will disable the Mods for you and you can enjoy the Elden Ring CO-OP without any Mods or external things. Fascinatingly, it also disables all the DLL Mods that are smaller and you can download them later on.

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Another method is to rename the input file to something else, so that don’t get to load and the game will start without these Mods.

How to Use Backup Save Files for Elden Ring Before Mod?

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Remember, when we asked you to back up the saved files in our Elden Ring Modding Guide? Well, in case something goes wrong and your save files are missing or you have to go back to the previous saves, then you have to use the Backup Save Files. How to do it?

  1. Search for Run, open it, and type in %appdata%

  2. Find the Elden Ring folder

  3. Make a new Folder on the Desktop

  4. Name it Elden Ring Modded, as these will be your Modded Save Files

  5. Copy the Elden Ring Folder from App Data to the new folder

  6. Go to the Backup Data

  7. Put them into the App Data folder, replacing the Modded saves

  8. Run the game and it will back to the previous state it was in, without any Mods

How to Revert to Modded Saves in Elden Ring After Mod?

In case you want to shift from this state to the Modded state again, you just have to repeat the process, but this time using the Save Files from the Modded Folder that you created.

Also, make sure you are Toggling the Anti Cheat off, and load the game from the Mod Engine 2 file.


Mods are a way to enhance your experience in Elden Ring, adding new items, mechanics, and abilities, and even beautifying it with graphics Mods. But, that is all from external resources and can harm the game files. You can back it up beforehand to safeguard your saves, but still, it isn’t a vanilla experience. We don’t recommend playing the game with Mods, but if you still want to do it, follow our guide on How to use Mods in Elden Ring 2024. Word of wisdom: Don’t use any Mod you find online, as some of them can be viruses. Always read the description and check reviews from other players before downloading anything.

Elden Ring Modding Guide - How to use Mods in Elden Ring - MMOPIXEL (2024)
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