FullTime Telecommunicator - Careers At Village of Glenview (2024)

Glenview Public Safety Dispatch Center believes in providing that absolute best-in-class 911 experience to those we serve. We work tirelessly with our agencies and communities to be part of their organization. Aside for the core tasks of a Telecommunicator noted below, GPSDC provides public education for our communities through Government and Citizen Police Academies, School Visits, and attending community events such as National Night Out and Local Police and Fire open houses.

GPSDC challenges the status quo always looking for new ways to improve. We have lead first in-state initiatives creating Geo Diverse 911 centers, implementing automated alarms to CAD (ASAP to PSAP), cloud public safety software, and cloud 911 solutions. GPSDC dispatches for 14 communities and has two dispatch centers located in Glenview and Highland Park. The two dispatch centers serve approximately 240,000 residents, answer approximately 300,000 calls and handle over 200,000 calls for service per year.

The purpose of this position is to:

  • Receive and process emergency and non-emergency calls from the public requesting police, fire, medical or other emergency services.
  • Determine the location and nature of the emergency, establish priorities, and dispatch police, fire, ambulance or other emergency units as necessary in accordance with GPSDC’s policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Receive and process 911 emergency calls, maintain contact with all units on assignment, maintain status and location of police, fire and medical units.
  • Monitor and process emergency alarms,
  • Answer and process non-emergency calls for assistance.
  • Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems.
  • Receive requests for information regarding vehicle registration, driving records and warrants, and provides pertinent data.
  • Monitor multiple public safety radio frequencies.
  • Operate a variety of communications equipment including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), radio consoles, telephones and other computer systems.
  • Additional duties include monitoring dispatch equipment and systems; researching computer records, updating and maintaining computer files and databases; answering routine questions, and completing general office duties.

Our Recruitment process:

  • The opportunity to apply for employment with GPSDC occurs annually.
  • Our process is on-going. There is benefit to applying early as we typically send out screening tests every two weeks, and conduct interviews on a rolling basis.
  • The recruitment will include an at-home, on-line skills test*, virtual interview, and an in-person interview/sit-along, background investigation and polygraph screening. Each segment must be passed to go on to the next.
    • For example, a candidate must pass the skills test to be scheduled for a virtual interview.
    • Passing a segment does not guarantee moving forward. Being invited to participate in a background screening is dependent on open positions.
    • Candidates with at least 18 months of experience in a State, County, or Municipal 911 center will not be required to take the skills test and will progress straight to the interview stage.
  • If all segments listed above are passed, a candidate may be invited to join our team, and will be required to complete a psychological and medical screening prior to starting.

*If a candidate does not have access to a computer and/or internet at home, a test will be arranged at our facility


Requirements include a high school degree or equivalent. Must have the ability to read and speak English, read contents on a computer screen and observe the work site simultaneously. The successful candidate will have a strong work ethic and a sense of duty and responsibility to the safety and welfare of the public, and be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Attention to detail and ability to work successfully with other team members is a must. The ability to work effectively under sometimes stressful situations is a must. Successful candidate must be willing to work days, evenings, weekends, and holidays, and must be available for shift coverage with short notice or very short notice. Candidates must successfully complete the EMD and LEADS course as a part of the structured training program.

Salary and Benefits

The 2024 starting Salary of $61,407 not including overtime. The 12-hour schedule results in part of the full-time hours being paid at an overtime rate. The starting annual salary including hours paid at an overtime rater is approximately $67,547.

Top Pay is achieved after 8 steps and is $88,538, or $97,391 adjusted for the 12-hour schedule. To view the current collective bargaining agreement, visit the Village’s transparency page.

Candidates with current experience as a 911 Telecommunicator in a State, County, or Local 911 center are eligible to start as high as step 5 in our salary table. Lateral candidates can be compensated 1 step for every two years of experience up to step 5. Candidates must be currently employed or have no more than a 45-day gap in service from a 911 Center.

2024 Pay Table 12 hr schedule
Step Contract Actual Lateral
1 $ 61,407 $ 67,548 1-2 years
2 $ 64,501 $ 70,951 2-3years
3 $ 67,702 $ 74,472 4-5 years
4 $ 71,087 $ 78,196 6-7 years
5 $ 74,641 $ 82,105 8+ years
6 $ 78,372 $ 86,209
7 $ 82,292 $ 90,521
8 $ 88,538 $ 97,392

The Village offers excellent fringe benefits including: health insurance, dental, vision, flexible spending, life insurance and more. Eligible to participate in IMRF pension program Tier II (unless prior service as Tier I).

FullTime Telecommunicator - Careers At Village of Glenview (2024)
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