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As you search for the perfect gothic wedding dress, you may be surprised at the variety of styles that fall under the term gothic. A gothic wedding dress may be similar to a Renaissance dress, or it may be closer to the dark style of the underworld. Either way, you can plan a wonderful gothic wedding, and find the perfect dress as well.

The Look of Gothic Wedding Dresses

There are many reasons a bride might be looking for a gothic wedding dress. These styles tend to have a sense of elegance, glamour, and old world romance as they often take elements of Victorian or Elizabethan era gowns. Since gothic dresses also take some cues from punk fashion, they might be the ideal choice for the woman who wants an alternative wedding dress. A goth look with macabre accents may also be perfect depending on the theme and locale of the wedding. It may enhance a Halloween wedding, for example, or one that that takes place at a historic castle. Some couple embrace a gothic theme and even exchange gothic wedding rings.

Style Elements

Goth wedding gowns come in many styles. While the classic corset-style wedding dress is popular for this category of dresses, there are numerous other options, including mermaid silouhettes, ball gowns, shorter or combination gowns, and more. They often have lace or beadwork, and may have tulle or ruffles. Some have an underworld feel that would work for a vampire-inspired wedding or a deep plunging bodice, while others have flowing skirts and high, Victorian-inspired necklines.

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Black may be the first color that comes to mind, but gothic gowns can also come in many colors. Red dresses, along with rich jewelry tones like deep purple or emerald green are good choices. White or colored wedding dresses with black accents or black lace might be a good choice as well. Even pastels, done in a Victorian or historic style can work for a gothic-themed wedding.

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Gothic Wedding Dress Style Examples

Whether you are looking for a classic black goth gown or you want just a hint of gothic style in a medieval-inspired dress, there are plenty of options for all body types.

Gothic Black Wedding Dress

A full-length dress like this is excellent for a formal wedding. The corset-like bodice, black color, and lace are all common the the gothic look and are flattering for most figures. Ladies with large busts, however, should make sure they are comfortable with the strapless style.

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A wedding dress inspired by Elizabethan times with a lower neckline, form-fitting bodice, ball gown skirt, and puffy, dramatic sleeves is an elegant take that has a slightly gothic feel. If you are looking for a bold look that is still classy and elegant, a style like this could be an option. This type of dress works well for rectangular figures (it can create the illusion of curves) as well as pear-shaped brides because it creates balance and skims over the hips. If you have a natural hour-glass figure, this can work well for you too.

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Romantic Gothic Dress

Gothic dress styles can be lighter colors as well. The long, flowing skirt, lace-covered bodice and romantic style of a dress like this blush pink style would work well for a gothic fairy or woodland wedding. It's a good choice for pear shapes because it skims the hips, and may work for apple shapes because it defines the waist and creates balance.

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Elegant Black Overlay

A flowing dress that's white underneath bu covered with a sheer black overlay creates a sophisticated yet gothic feel. With it's flowing split sleeves, long skirt, and lightly defined waist, a look like this works well for most body types, although very petite women may want to avoid the look because it can overwhelm their frames.

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Vampire-Inspired Wedding Dress

If you are going with a Halloween ior vampire-themed wedding, a completely black dress can be a great option. An a-line design with thin straps like this suits most body types, including plus sizes. The daring addition of an accent like the black and red cape can add to the theme, while the dress style keeps the look grounded and elegant.

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Renaissance Style Gothic Gown

Simple, soft, but with a gothic feel thanks to it's high vintage neckline, small ruffles, and lots of lace, a dress like this makes a good option for a wedding with a subtle gothic theme. This dress types works well for many body types, including angular and pear figures, but those with larger busts and apple shapes may find it too restrictive because of the higher, form-fitting neckline and waist.

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Mermaid Violet Dress With a Goth Feel

A deep, rich jewel tone color, such as the dark violet shown here, are popular for gthoic wedding themed. The beadword adds an extra touch, and the ribbon accent at the waist helps define it. Mermaid dresses like this work well for hour glass and curvy figures, but the fitted form can with flared hem can also work for rectangular shapes.

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Victorian-Inspired Wedding Dress

The high neckline, long sleeves, and use of lace give this a Victorian era feel, but with lightweight and sheer fabrics, it could be appropriate for an outdoor or even beach wedding. Most body types can wear this dress because it draws in at the waist and creates balance, but petite ladies may be wary of a style like this because it may overwhelm a smaller frame.

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Red Velvet Dress

Red velvet and black lace are often key components to a gothic dress, and this one takes advantage of them in a flattering way. The shorter length of this dress make it more suitable for a less formal wedding. The slip-dress style may work well for pear, apple and hourglass figures, but ladies with athletic or rectangular builds may find it doesn't provide enough curves.

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Black Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress

An iridescent black fabric gives this dress a goth feel, and the long sleeves make it ideal for a fall or winter wedding. The wrap-style dress is perfect for apple and pear figures to create balance and skim the hips. If you are opting for a dress on the simple side like this, choose statement making jewelry, like a bold choker or necklace.

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Blue-Gray Medieval Style Gothic Dress

The flowy style of this dress, paired with its inky dark colors, off-the-shoulder look, and full sleeves give it a medieval gothic look. The higher empire waist and body-skimming style make it perfect for apple and pear shapes. This is best for an outdoor or more casual wedding.

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Black and Purple Goth Dress

Black and purple are a great combination for goth weddings. The classic corset styling, tulle skirt, and black color paired with the sheer purple sleeves give it a goth look. Since the sleeves are sheer, a dress like this could be worn in spring or summer and would work well for an outdoor wedding.

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Where to Buy Gothic Gowns

While there may not be many gothic wedding dress stores in your community, don't think you have to settle for another type of gown for your once-in-a-lifetime day. If you want a gothic wedding dress, there are several online stores with many gothic styles and options to choose from like these:

MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing

Plunging necklines and tightly cinched bodices paired with dark, rich colors of velvet, cotton, brocade and other fabrics are what make these lovely gothic dresses from U.K. based MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing so special. Choose from gowns, dresses and mini-dresses. Clothing is made to order; they request that customers provide them with at least their height as their standard garments fit someone 5'7." Stock garments may be returned by prior agreement; special orders are not returnable. Prices are shown in British Pound Sterling, but you can use a currency assistant to convert those prices to U.S. dollars (USD). Prices range around $67 to $195 USD. Pay by international money order in British Pound Sterling or by PayPal. Email them for a shipping estimate.


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Order stock or custom made garments - use these how to measure tips to ensure a perfect fit. Alterations are free, but customers must pay shipping costs. Devilnight offers a 24-hour cancellation window, but they also have strict return and exchange policies. Pay for your order safely and securely with PayPal or Western Union.

The Dark Angel

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Sizes range from XS to XXL with prices from around $75 to $575 USD. They stock standard sizes or you can have selected designs custom-tailored to fit. Custom orders are non-returnable. Garment weight determines shipping rates and international delivery times are approximately five to 14 days. They accept PayPal and most major credit cards.

Matrimony Prep

Matrimony Prep has a large selection of gothic style wedding gowns, with many dresses that have medieval or vintage elements. Along with many black formal dresses, they also have reds and rich jewel tones like emerald green, violet, and dark pink. You'll find neutrals accented with black lace as well. Most dresses range in price from just under $600 to around $1000. Use their dress measurements to ensure the correct sizing. All major credit cards and Paypal are accepted; place orders at least 120 days in advance. Shipping is free within the U.S.

Wedding Dress Fantasy

Wedding Dress Fantasy offers a wide range of gothic styles, including those steampunk or vintage influences. These are handmade gowns that come in numerous colors and styles. Most dresses range from about $1000 to $2000 in cost. All sizes are available, including tall and plus, and they offer worldwide shipping; cost varies by location. Use their measuring instructions to ensure a precise fit. Returns or refunds are not accepted unless there is an error on the part of the company.

Ordering Tips

Do use caution before you buy a gothic wedding dress online.

  • Check out return policies and read the small print concerning guarantees and shipping charges. Remember, you may have to pay someone local to do a few alterations once you receive the dress so add that possible expense to your budget.
  • Orders from vendors outside the United States could be subject to custom fees or import duties, so it's best to check with your local customs office prior to placing an order; if your order is held up in customs, you might not receive it in time for your gothic wedding ceremony.
  • Finally, if you are purchasing from an international vendor, it's probably wise to communicate with them early in the planning process to see how much lead time is needed to turn your order around so you can be assured of receiving your gown prior to your wedding date.

The Perfect Goth Wedding Gown

Gothic wedding gown styles are as varied as the women who are searching for them. The wide selection of unique styles, along with different colors and style elements, mean that there is a dress for every woman. You may want to consider adding to you look with goth accessories, like gothic cross necklace, and goth makeup to complete the look.Whether you are opting for an edgy punk goth wedding dress, or a more demure Victorian-inspired style for your gothic wedding, there's a dress for you.

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Gothic Wedding Dress Styles | LoveToKnow (2024)


How to dress for a gothic wedding? ›

What should a guest wear to a gothic themed wedding? Wearing black to a wedding is sometimes a no-no, but if you're attending a gothic wedding, it's always an appropriate choice. A sleek black suit or evening gown will be on theme without upstaging the couple.

Why would someone want a gothic wedding? ›

There's something beautiful and magical about a gothic wedding. There's a sense of mystery, atmosphere, and romance — and striking contrast between delicate details and dark hues.

How many different styles of wedding dresses are there? ›

There are hundreds of wedding dress styles out there, and most of them keep changing and evolving with the current trends. However, if you filter through them, you can easily boil it down to just five classic full-skirt styles (not including modern mini or co*cktail dresses.)

What is an illusion wedding dress? ›

What is an Illusion Wedding Dress? An illusion wedding dress features a sheer fabric, often tulle or lace, that covers all or part of the bride's décolletage. In some cases, the illusion fabric reaches the bride's neck.

What is gothic dress style? ›

Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated, hom*ogeneous, and often genderless features. It is worn by members of the goth subculture. Typical gothic fashion includes dyed black hair, exotic hairstyles, dark lipstick and dark clothing.

What are the elements of Gothic fashion? ›

Traditional goths tend to be inspired more by music, such as the bands that came out around the 80s. If you look at the fashion style in general, you will see that it normally revolves around fishnets, leather jackets, huge hair, the typical Victorian pale skin and of course, big boots.

What makes Gothic style unique? ›

Gothic architecture has a set of unique features that set it apart from all other styles. Most importantly, it is characterized by long pointed arches, flying exterior buttresses, stained-glass windows that were longer than before, ribbed vaults, and spires.

What does Gothic style symbolize? ›

Thus it was supposedly disordered, accretive, fantastical, superstitious, uncouth, violent and symbolic of the dark ages. It had only a figurative connection to the Goths, who came from Scandinavia or Pomerania or somewhere else in the benighted north and who attacked Rome in the fifth and sixth centuries.

What does gothic look symbolize? ›

Goth style has a devilish appreciation for jewellery with mystical symbolism like eternal life, death and the occult. The symbol of Ankh is especially popular because of its meaning, a symbol of life, which has a certain poetic translation to Goth's philosophy of appreciating the light within darkness, so to speak.

What is the most popular wedding dress style? ›

The Most Popular Silhouettes for Brides

A-line and ball gown silhouettes are widely popular wedding dress styles due to their universally flattering nature as well as their equally traditional and grand appearance. The silhouette cinches at the natural waistline before flaring outwards.

What is the most popular wedding dress shape? ›

Historically, ball gowns and A-line silhouettes have been the most popular wedding dress styles.

What is the most slimming wedding dress style? ›

Empire Waist: Features a high waistline that sits just below the bust, with a flowing skirt that skims over the hips and falls straight down. This style can be very flattering for petite or smaller-chested bride, as it helps to elongate the body and create the illusion of a longer, more slender silhouette.

What is an ethereal wedding dress? ›

What defines a wedding gown as “ethereal,” is when it evokes a feeling of dreamy, romantic and otherworldly beauty. Elements like lightweight fabrics, romantic designs, delicate detailing and sheer or illusion features can make your wedding gown look like it is straight out of your favorite fantasy novel.

What makes a wedding dress look expensive? ›

Things like hand-beaded designs or delicate lace take hours to create. Premium fabrics come with premium prices. While white crinoline runs about $2 a yard, higher quality fabrics can cost up to $100 a yard. These are all features that feed into the higher pricing found in designer boutiques.

Why are black wedding dresses a thing? ›

Some may be concerned about what it means to wear a black wedding dress. While the traditional white wedding dress was meant to symbolize innocence, a black wedding dress depicts elegance, power, mystery, and individuality.

How do you make a gothic outfit look? ›

Pair a cute black oversized T-shirt with combat boots and ripped black jeans. Or, wear a black dress with chunky black shoes. Finish the look with a black leather jacket. Accessorize your goth outfits with a choker, pentagram jewelry, and a black beanier or wide-brimmed hat.

What are the traditions of a gothic wedding? ›

Paganism is the followed religion of many goths, and many couples make their beliefs the centre of their wedding ceremony. Handfasting, mead ceremonies, wine ceremonies and broom jumping are usually included in Pagan and Wiccan wedding ceremonies.

How to dress goth but classy? ›

Always opt for deep shades like crimson, purple, or forest green to evoke the darkness within. Add elements of lace, stripes, and even floral patterns to bring a touch of Victorian elegance to your ensemble. When it comes to tops, consider investing in a variety of styles that reflect the goth aesthetic.

What is a gothic wedding like? ›

The goal of the Gothic wedding is dark romance, but no gloomy details. Brides should consider vintage candelabras as well as colours such as a deep purple or a blood red for the palette. Velvet runners are also a nice touch.

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