IRISGST - API Documentation (2024)

REST APIs for GST, Eway Bill and E-invoicing for taxpayers to integrate directly orvia system integrators.

IRIS is one of the leading compliance solution provider globally and in India.Selected as GSP in the very first round, IRIS GST has been associated with the GSTN ecosystem since itsinception and is aligned with India Stack APIs – a set of APIs that allows governments, businesses,startups and developers, to utilize a unique digital Infrastructure to solve India’s persistent problemsand move towards presence-less, paperless, and cashless service delivery.

IRIS Onyx for E-invoicing

IRIS Onyx is the solution for e-invoicing compliance in India. UsingIRIS Onyx taxpayer can get IRN generated, cancelled and all other operations supportedby the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) of the Government

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IRIS Topaz For Eway Bill

IRIS TOPAZ provides APIs to perform common EWB operations includingEWB generation, cancellation, updating of vehicle details (or PART B), rejection of EWBgenerated by others, consolidated EWB generation and others.

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IRIS Sapphire APIs for GST compliance

IRIS Sapphire APIs cater to the needs of GST Compliance. These arevalue added API which can be used to interact with IRIS GST platform and Governmentsystem.

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IRIS ASAP APIs for Accounts Payable Automation

IRIS ASAP enables organizations to transform their Procure to Pay cycle. Using IRIS ASAP APIs, sync between activities in ERP for accounts payable and its GST compliance can be maintained.

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IRIS Peridot for GSTIN search

IRIS Peridot provides APIs for getting taxpayer details and its filinghistory on providing a GSTIN. These are common APIs provided by GST system and aresubject to caching policy.

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IRIS Credixo for GST Data Analytics

IRIS Credixo is a platform to make available data and insights forspeedy and efficient digital lending. Using the IRIS Credixo APIs, lenders can getinformation about the borrowers with their consent, and define workflow using their owninterfaces.

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IRIS IRP Passthrough for Einvoice

IRIS IRP is Government appointed invoice registry portal. For IRIS IRP APIs are available via IRIS GSP gateway for the solution providers

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APIs for E-invoicing.

CategoryAPI NameAPI DescriptionShort URL
AuthenticationLoginLogin to IRIS Onyx. The token received in response to be used in all subsequentAPI requests. Token is valid for 24 hours or logout, whichever is earliermgmt/login
Core OnyxGenerate IRNSending single invoice data for IRN generationirn/addInvoice
Core OnyxCancel IRNCancel a generated IRN. Cancellation is allowed within 24 hours of generationirn/cancel
Upload InvoiceUpload FileUploading one or multiple invoices for a single GSTIN in a CSV file. The CSVfile will be the IRIS specified format/upload/invoices
Upload InvoiceUpload StatusCheck the status of uploaded file by providing upload ID/upload/status
Upload InvoiceUpload ErrorsGet details of errors during upload file/upload/errors
View InvoiceView ListTo get list of invoices based on the criteria selected and summary details forevery invoice/einvoice/view
View InvoiceView SummaryGet all the details of a single invoice on providing the IRIS invoice ID/einvoice/details
Entity ManagementGet GSTINsGet the list of GSTINs to which the user has been granted accessuser/company/filingbusiness

Onyx API Flow

Integration with Data APIs

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Integration for Upload Files

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Using IRIS Topaz

The taxpayers system can connect to the NIC system using the IRIS Topaz APIs. The following imagegives an high level view of the interaction between the parties involved i.e. taxpayers systems,IRIS Topaz and NIC systems

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Using IRIS Peridot

IRIS Peridot is currently making available the common APIs of GST. These APIs do not require anyuser consent and can be accessed only via GSPs.

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More information on data available in these APIs

Taxpayer Search -

Return Status -

Using IRIS Credixo

In IRIS Credixo, any request for information is referred to as Order. There will be severaltypes of Orders. The Order Type covered in this document is GST Data.

IRIS Team will set-up the account for the lender and create the first Admin user. The Admin userwill need to complete the sign-up process. The Admin user can invite other users to access theaccount. User sign-up and management will be done through the web interface of IRIS Credixo.

High level Process Flow for IRIS Credixo API.

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Using IRIS Zircon

IRIS IRP is platform for invoice registration. IRIS IRP offers basic e-invoicing APIs and value-added APIs that extend beyond e-invoicing.

Solution providers can sign-up directly on IRIS IRP platform and get access to APIs. More info is available here

Option to get IRIS IRP APIs via IRIS GSP gateway (Zircon) is also available. Solution providers who operate from outside India and do not have Indian IP, can connect to IRIS IRP through GSP gateway. These are passthrough APIs and can be managed using your existing Zircon credentials

High level Integration process

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IRIS ASAP offers a powerful solution for improving Procure-to-Pay processes. It automates tasks, ensures accuracy, and boosts working capital, leading to better financial management and operations. Key features include real-time invoice processing, GST validation, and centralized document management with strict access controls. It also helps optimize resources and synchronize ledgers for maximum efficiency.

IRIS ASAP is ERP agnostic. Organizations can integrate APIs to push data to IRIS platform and also keep information between ERP and IRIS platform in sync.

APIs for Master Data

The Masters maintained in ERP systems need to use while processing the purchase invoices. Hence Master Data sync between ERP and IRIS platform is necessary. Push mechanism is defined for updates wherein ERPs need to push data at periodic frequency to IRIS ASAP

Masters covered in IRIS ASAP are listed here (create a wiki page and publish list of Masters, along with short description. recommended frequency of pushing data can also be mentioned, whether full data or incremental data etc.)

API NameAPI DescriptionShort URL
Tax payer Master Get details of Tax payer Master table from ERP/master/taxpayer
Plant / Project MasterGet details of Plant / Project Master table from ERP/master/plant
Business Place MasterGet details of Business Place master from ERP/master/business-place
Business Area MasterGet details of Business Area master form ERP/master/business-area
Cost CenterGet details of Cost Center table from ERP/master/cost-centre
Profit CenterGet details of Profit Center table from ERP/master/profit-centre
General LedgerGet details of General Ledger table from ERP/master/general-ledger
Vendor MasterGet details of Vendor Master table from ERP/master/vendor
Business Partner MasterGet details of Business Partner Master table from ERP
Vendor's GST Partner MasterGet details of Vendor's GST Partner Master table from ERP
PO master Header data Get details of Purchase order transaction header level table from ERP/master/po-header
PO master Item level data Get details of Purchase order transaction item level table from ERP/master/po-line-item
WO master Header dataGet details of Work order transaction header level table from ERP
WO master Item level dataGet details of Work order transaction item level table from ERP
GRN master Header dataGet details of GRN table from ERP/master/grn
GRN master Item level dataGet details of GRN transaction item level table from ERP
SRN Master Header dataGet details of SRN table from ERP
SRN Master Item level dataGet details of SRN transaction item level table from ERP
MIRO entryGet details of MIRO entry table from ERP
PO Series MasterGet details of PO Series table from ERP
Tax Code MasterGet details of Tax Code Master table from ERP/master/tax-code

APIs to Post updates to ERP

IRIS ASAP has a workflow to processing and validating purhcase invocies. The reviewed and validated can be then pushed to ERP for accounting purposes.

API NameAPI Description
Park Invoice in ERP Post the invoice details from ASAP invoice details to ERP invoice table on Park Status
Post Invoice in ERPPost the invoice details from ASAP invoice details to ERP invoice table on Post Status
Ledger Posting / Financial PostingPost the ledger details and amount details from ASAP invoice details to ERP invoice table

APIs to update invoice status

Once invoice gets processed in ERPs, the status updates can be pushed to IRIS ASAP. This will help to get updated view in IRIS ASAP platform and ensure accurate GST compliance

API NameAPI Description
Invoice Status Update Get updated details of invoice from ERP
Invoice Posting UpdateGet Posting Date, time and amount details from ERP
Invoice Payment UpdatesGet Payment details (payment flag) of invoice form ERP

Using IRIS Sapphire

IRIS Sapphire APIs for GST compliance. Invoices and data from taxpayers systems can be sent toIRIS GST using APIs. Taxpayers will need to use the credentials set on IRIS system and businesshierarchy needs to be set-up on IRIS.For any upload of data to Government system or fetch of data from there (such as GSTR 2A), thesession with GST system via OTP process needs to be established.

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IRISGST - API Documentation (2024)
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