Nationals Park A-Z Information Guide | Washington Nationals (2024)

Salute to Service
The Nationals offer premium seating in the exclusive Terra Club for select military groups during every game, providing a special experience for wounded veterans, active duty service members, and their families. Honorees are recognized on NatsHD at the end of the third inning. Tickets are allocated through military hospitals and support organizations and are not available for individual distribution.


Scoreboard Messages
Nationals guests wishing to display general welcome, birthday, and/or anniversary messages on the NatsHD scoreboard may do so by making a $100 donation to the Washington Nationals charitable foundation, Washington Nationals Philanthropies, at least 24 hours prior to the start of the game they wish to have their message appear. Scoreboard messages will be displayed during the middle of the fifth inning. Guests interested in ordering a scoreboard message must visit to place their order. To secure your group name on the Nationals Scoreboard, email [emailprotected].

Season Plan Holder Center
The Season Plan Holder Center is located behind Section 139 on the Main Concourse. This service area is the main hub for all Nationals Season Plan Holders. The Season Plan Holder Center is open every game, starting 90 minutes prior to first pitch, and closes at the conclusion of the fifth inning. Season Plan Holders may stop by to speak with a Ticket Service Representative about their account, meet their rep, load eCASH, and more. You may also contact Nationals Ticket Services on non-gamedays by calling 202.675.NATS(6287) or emailing [emailprotected].

Seating Policy
The Nationals are committed to providing an affordable, guest-friendly, high-quality entertainment experience in a world-class facility. In order to ensure that all guests receive the value of their ticket purchase, only the person with a valid game ticket to a particular seat will be able to occupy that seat. Nationals’ staff will be checking tickets to safeguard each guest’s individual ticket purchase. Illegal use or tampering with a valid ticket may lead to additional penalties, including removal from the ballpark.

Segways are defined as a mobility device under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Guests with mobility limitations may operate Segways inside the ballpark, provided they do so in a safe manner that does not create risk of injury to the operator or to other guests. Segways are not permitted to travel at a speed faster than the speed of a standard motorized wheelchair. Nationals Park does not rent or provide Segways for guests to use. Nationals Park team members cannot take responsibility for or provide storage for Segways.

Self-Defense Sprays
Self-defense sprays, including, without limitation, pepper spray and mace may not be brought into Nationals Park. See GUEST CONDUCT POLICY. (Prohibited Items).

Sensory Kits

The Nationals are proud to offer sensory kits available for guests with sensory needs during Nationals home games. Sensory kits may be signed out at our Main Guest Services located in Centerfield Plaza – the kits include:

  • Noise Reducing Headphones
  • Fidget Tools
  • Lanyard

A valid government-issued ID will be held until the kit is returned.

Sensory Room
The Sensory Room, located near Section 140, is a room built to ensure the best guest experience for those with sensory needs. Guests may checkout a sensory bag from main guest services, located in Centerfield Plaza.

Shirley Povich Media Center
The press box in Nationals Park is named the Shirley Povich Media Center in honor of the late Hall-of-Fame baseball writer. A longtime friend of Nationals Principal Owner Theodore N. Lerner, Povich entertained fans with his daily musings in ”This Morning with Shirley Povich” and his writings on baseball. Nationals Park’s state-of-the-art video and audio system is an integral component of the Shirley Povich Media Center.

See GUEST CONDUCT POLICY. (Banners & Signs).

Single-Game Tickets

Need help purchasing Single-Game Tickets, or have questions? Call 202-675-NATS(6287) and select menu option 2. Nationals representatives will be available to assist you between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Smoking & Tobacco
Nationals Park is a completely non-smoking and tobacco-free facility, per District of Columbia law. There is no exception for electronic cigarettes or any other type of smoking device, nor smokeless tobacco or any other type of marijuana or tobacco product.

Spring Training
The Nationals get things started each spring at CACTI Park of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida, and fans are encouraged to enjoy some sun and join friends and neighbors for Grapefruit League action. Those interested in ticket information can call the office at 888.632.NATS(6287) or visit

World-renowned husband and wife artists Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt, along with Jody Rotblatt, Sean Bell, and Oscar Leon, worked hundreds of hours to bestow on Nationals Park the likes of Josh Gibson, Frank Howard, and Walter Johnson in white bronze. These Negro League Baseball, Major League Baseball, and D.C. sports icons have staked their claim near Home Plate Gate where they can be seen, admired, and discussed by all who enter the gates of Nationals Park. Known for many types of art mediums, the team from the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany in Highwood, Ill. has created such artistic immortalizations as Michael Jordan, "Magic" Johnson, Gordie Howe, Ty Cobb and – Mr. Take Me Out to the Ballgame himself – Harry Caray.

Stella Artois Bar
The Stella Artois Bar is located on the Main Concourse near Sections 112 and 113 and is open to all fans. For information on hosting a private event in the Stella Artois Bar on a non-game day, please visit

Strollers are permitted in all concourse areas at Nationals Park. Strollers that are unable to fold and fit under a Nationals Park seat must be checked at a Guest Services location (Center Field Plaza, or behind Sections 131 or 320). If a guest has a stroller that, once folded, will fit under a Nationals Park seat, he/she will be permitted to take it to their seat. The Nationals are not responsible for the stroller if it has not been checked.

Fans looking to make a suggestion or give the Nationals feedback can do so by visiting Main Guest Services located in Centerfield Plaza. Guests may also email suggestions to [emailprotected].

The Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Suites deliver some of the most breathtaking sightlines in Nationals Park. Boasting a private and intimate atmosphere, each suite features leather chairs surrounded by granite-top tables, porcelain tile flooring, and fine woven carpeting. The 55-inch flat screen HD-television over a marble-top wet bar enhances the condominium atmosphere. Retractable glass doors open up to three tiers of outdoor seating and offer a stunning view of the playing field.

Located on the Suite level, you will find our club spaces designed to accommodate all guests from large organizations to family-sized packages:

  • Club 24: Enjoy the intimacy and luxury of the Suite level with your company’s own private four-seat theater box and dedicated dining table.
  • K Street Boxes: Matches the excitement of the Club 24 space, offering you all of the amenities of a season-long suite in a four-seat theater box.
  • Silver Slugger Suite: Host your next corporate function or family outing in our most contemporary club group space.
  • Club 3 & Gold Glove Club: Enjoy smaller Season Plans in an all-inclusive suite atmosphere.

Call 202.675.NATS(6287) or email [emailprotected] for more information. For information on hosting a private event in these spaces on a non-gameday, please visit

Supervised Children Policy
At Nationals Park the safety and enjoyment of all of our fans is our top priority. Nationals Park requires that children be supervised by a responsible person at all times. Please note the following:

  • Children below the age of 14 will NOT be permitted to enter Nationals Park to attend a baseball event or attend a Nationals Park ballpark tour unsupervised.
  • Children below the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by a responsible person age 16 or older.

A responsible person is defined as an individual age 16 or older who exhibits all of the behaviors expected of them in accordance with the Nationals Park code of conduct policies.

  • Responsible person(s) supervising a child below the age of 14 must remain with the child at all times while at Nationals Park.
  • Groups failing to abide by this policy may be asked to leave.
Nationals Park A-Z Information Guide | Washington Nationals (2024)
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