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by Liza Agbanlog 48 Comments

Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (1)Taisan is a popular Filipino chiffon cake topped with melted butter and sugar. The first time I tried taisan was two years ago when I visited the Philippines. My niece introduced me to it and since then, I always have it every time I return for a visit. I was happy when I saw the recipe for taisan in the Goldilocks bakebook that I got recently and I had to make it. I already made it twice and every time, my family enjoys it.

The taisan that is normally bought from the bakery comes in small slices. In this recipe, I used a regular loaf pan to make my version of taisan. The original baking time calls for 8-10 minutes but the taisan I made took 40 minutes to bake. After letting it cool for 10 minutes, I topped it with melted butter, sugar and grated cheese. Yummy! 🙂

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Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake)

Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (3)


Prep time

Cook time

Total time


  • 1 cup+ 4 tablespoons cake flour, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • Egg yolks of 4 large eggs
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup evaporated milk
  • 1 ½ tablespoons water
  • ½ tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil

Egg White Side:

  • Egg whites of 6 large eggs
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • ½ cup sugar
  • For toppings:
  • melted butter
  • sugar
  • grated white cheddar cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Lightly grease a loaf pan with butter.
  2. Sift together the dry ingredients (cake flour, baking powder, and salt). Set aside.
  3. In a big bowl, combine egg yolks, vanilla extract, 1/ 4 cup sugar, milk, water, butter and oil. Using an electric mixer, mix until well blended.
  4. Add dry ingredients and continue mixing for 2 minutes until batter is smooth. Scrape once in a while. Set aside.
  5. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites, cream of tartar and sugar for 1 minute at low speed. Increase to medium speed for 4-5 minutes or until a medium-peak is form.
  6. Gently fold the egg yolk mixture to whipped egg whites until the ingredients are combined.
  7. Pour batter over prepared pan.
  8. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until a cake tester inserted comes out clean.
  9. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes before removing from the pan.
  10. Brush the top lightly with butter, then sprinkled with sugar and grated cheese.
  11. Serve and enjoy!


This recipe was adapted from the cookbook “Goldilocks Bakebook”.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (4)Lori

    Can i use 5 or 6 egg yolks? I want it to be more creamy.


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (5)Liza Agbanlog

      I am not sure about adding more egg yolks. It might change the texture and moisture of the cake.


  2. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (6)Encarnacion Aguilar

    Tried this recipe today. It’s so soft and moist almost like a castella. Thank you for posting your recipe.


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (7)Liza Agbanlog

      You’re welcome!


  3. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (8)Mary

    Hi Liza! How are you? Your Tuscan looks so yummy. I want to try your recipe. Btw are you related to my ninang Ruby Agbanlog from Philippines? I’m just curious knowing your Agbanlog as well! Lol! Thanks mary.


  4. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (10)Jojo

    Bakit walang baking power pano cya umalas?


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (11)Liza Agbanlog

      Hi Jojo,
      There’s 1 teaspoon of baking powder in the ingredient list.


  5. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (12)Mg

    Happy new year!! Can I use this recipe for a 7 in tube pan / angle cake pan.
    I also have an 8×3 round pan.
    Can I just use 4 egg whites and egg yolks.
    Instead of 6 egg whites


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (13)Liza Agbanlog

      Happy new year too! Using an angel cake pan or a round pan will definitely work, adjust the baking time accordingly. I am not sure about using 4 egg whites instead of 6. It might change the finished product.


  6. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (14)nmu

    Even though it was expensive, I ordered online from Red Ribbon because of craving Filipino mamon. Now I’m glad I found this recipe to save me money. I followed the recipe to the T and came out like Goldilocks. I won’t be ordering online again since I can make it myself. Yay! Btw, for those having trouble, watch a you tube video for making chiffon cake to learn tricks of making egg white soft or medium peaks and how to fold the ingredients. I think doing those correctly is the key to have the right cake consistency aside from using cake flour.


  7. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (15)ienas Tsuroiya

    Dear Liza,

    I’m Indonesian and wanna try to make this lovely cake.

    I followed all the instructions carefully, but when I mixed dry ingredients with yolk mixture, it become so sticky. It’s not like usual cake batter. Was it supposed to be like this? Or else, what possibly gone wrong.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you!


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (16)Liza A

      I don’t know what happened but my guess is that it has something to do with the kind of cake flour you used. I used Robin Hood cake and pastry flour in this recipe. May I ask what kind of cake flour did you use?


  8. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (17)jinky deseo

    hi, if i am going to use an 8″ round pan, may i know the measurements of the ingredients? thanks


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (18)Liza A

      Hi Jinky,
      You can use the same measurement but baking time might change. Peek at the cake after 30 minutes and see how the cake looks like. Hope this helps :0


  9. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (19)Vilma

    Hi. I have no experience in baking but I would like to try your recipe. I can’t find cake flour, but found plain one. Read on your blog it might give a different texture. There is also a self raising flour, strong bread flour etc. How about the sugar, is it granulated, caster or icing sugar? Thanks


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (20)Liza A

      Hi Vilma,
      I used Robin Hood’s cake and pastry flour in this recipe. I also have in my pantry self-raising cake and pastry flour. It already includes baking powder and salt, so omit these two ingredients in your baking if you are using this kind of flour. If you can’t find cake flour, just use the plain flour. As for the sugar, I used the granulated one. Hope these help and good luck with your baking 🙂


  10. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (21)fiona

    thanx for sharing will.try this on weekend 🙂


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (22)Liza A

      You’re welcome Fiona 🙂


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (24)Liza A

      Hi Karen,
      This chiffon cake recipe is not as soft as the one from Red Ribbon but it is moist. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


  11. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (25)Laarni Quijano

    Hi! Could there be another substitute for cream of tartar?


  12. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (27)Lucille

    Hi there Liza!

    What a beautiful cake recipe! Thanks for posting it. Also, I want to ask if I can use salted margarine instead of butter? Or using it will just ruin the whole thing?



    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (28)Liza

      Hi Lucille,
      Butter gives the cake nice flavor and great texture. You may use margarine but it will give a different result. Happy Holidays!


  13. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (29)Charlyn

    Hi..i was wondering, how many minutes will it take if i doubled the recipe and placed it in a long baking tray? I tried it with 40mins but it wasn’t so soft just like the one on the bread pan… Thank u…


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (30)Liza

      Hi Charlyn,
      Baking requires an exact measurements so if you double the recipe, you need to adjust the amount of baking powder in the recipe also, otherwise the end result will not be the same. Try using 2 and 1/2 tsp of baking powder instead of 2 tsp and see what happens. Hope this helps 🙂


      • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (31)Charlyn

        Thank u vry much.. I hope you will post more delicious cakes..


        • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (32)Liza

          I will try 🙂


  14. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (33)Burned Fruit

    Does this recipe work if regular hom*ogenized milk is used, rather than evaporated milk?


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (34)Liza

      Yes, it does 🙂


  15. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (35)Patty

    Thank you for this recipe. My daughter had to take a filipino recipe for school and I found this one. It is absolutely delicious and one that I will make again. It was a hit in her class.


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (36)Liza

      You’re welcome Patty! I am so glad your daughter’s class liked it 🙂


  16. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (37)Gigi

    How many loaves can this recipe make?


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (38)Liza

      Hi Gigi,
      The Goldilocks bakebook calls for one 7X3 inch loaf pan ( which I don’t have) and requires 18-20 minutes of baking time. Instead I used a 9X5 inch loaf pan, and it took me 40 minutes to bake. Baking time may vary, depending on the oven, so take a peek at 35 minutes and see how the cake looks.


  17. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (39)Anonymous

    Mine turned out like a bibingka. What did i do wrong? I followed the recipe exactly.


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (40)Liza

      Personally, here are a few things that I think could affect the texture of the cake;
      1. The kind of flour you used
      2. Beating of the egg whites
      3. Folding the fluffy egg whites into the batter
      Hope these help.


  18. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (41)Christie

    How do you store this cake and can I make it a day in advance?

    Thanks, Christie


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (42)Liza

      Hi Christie,
      Yes, you can make this cake in advance. You can store it in the fridge and warm it up in the microwave before serving.


  19. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (43)jane

    hi, been trying to look for this recipe, thanks for sharing. i wonder if i can use plain baking flour as we dont have cake flour here, its either plain or self raising flour. thanks again.


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (44)Liza

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for stopping by! Plain flour should be okay but the texture of the cake might be different though.


  20. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (45)Sarah

    This cake looks delicious! What kind of grated cheese did you use? I’m not sure if it was in the recipe or if I missed it.


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (46)Liza

      Oops! I used grated white cheddar cheese. Thanks for letting me know 🙂


  21. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (47)Yak



    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (48)Liza

      Yes!! cheese 🙂


  22. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (49)Febie

    I have to make this cake, look really yummy.


  23. Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (50)Medeja

    This cake looks really lovely!


    • Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (51)Marikit Echevarri

      Taste nice and fluffy. Its perfect


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Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake) - Salu Salo Recipes (2024)


What is the difference between Mamon and Taisan? ›

Taisan cakes and Mamon cakes are two different, yet similar, type of Filipino desserts. Mamon cakes are sponge cakes, made with about twice the amount of eggs, so they are "spongy" and denser. Mamon cakes are also usually served like individual muffins, instead of as a loaf like Taisan cake is served.

Why is my chiffon cake not fluffy? ›

If you don't invert the pan, the cake will shrink and collapse on itself. Cooling it down helps the cake set and keep its height, which is how you get a light and fluffy chiffon cake.

Does chiffon cake have to be baked in a tube pan? ›

While you can bake a chiffon cake in a regular cake pan, a tube pan helps yield a chiffon cake with the lightest texture. The tube in the middle is so the cake can climb up to make for a tall and fluffy cake.

Why is my chiffon cake rubbery? ›

Over mixing cake batter can result in a heavy, closed rubbery texture. Over mixing acts on the gluten in flour and will make cakes hard instead of the lovely soft spongy texture we associate with a good cake.

How do you know when chiffon cake is done baking? ›

They will rise very high, then shrink down to almost the level of the pan. This is a sign your cake is done. You can double check with a skewer (no crumbs should come out) or the internal temp of the cake (around 205-210 °F/96-99 °C).

What is the meaning of mamon in the Philippines? ›

Mamón are traditional Filipino chiffon or sponge cakes, typically baked in distinctive cupcake-like molds. In the Visayas regions, mamón are also known as torta mamón or torta.

What is the original name of mammon? ›

Etymology. The word Mammon comes into English from post-classical Latin mammona 'wealth', used most importantly in the Vulgate Bible (along with Tertullian's mammonas and pseudo-Jerome's mammon).

What is the meaning of mamon? ›

mammon, biblical term for riches, often used to describe the debasing influence of material wealth. The term was used by Jesus in his famous Sermon on the Mount and also appears in The Gospel According to Luke. Medieval writers commonly interpreted it as an evil demon or god.

What kind of oil do you use for chiffon cake? ›

However, a chiffon cake recipe includes oil and egg yolks (fats), and baking powder to counteract and help the cake rise. Q: Can I use melted butter instead of vegetable oil? A: No, to get a light, airy, soft texture, it has to be vegetable oil or canola oil.

What kind of pan is best for chiffon cake? ›

A classic chiffon cake is baked in a tube pan. These are like bundt tins but have flat sides and a flat base – something I will discuss later. The pan provides several elements which are essential for a successful chiffon cake. The most important thing is to not line the tin, either with butter or parchment paper.

What is the secret to a very fluffy cake? ›

Most cakes begin with creaming butter and sugar together. Butter is capable of holding air and the creaming process is when butter traps that air. While baking, that trapped air expands and produces a fluffy cake. No properly creamed butter = no air = no fluffiness.

Can you use baking soda in chiffon cake? ›

A basic chiffon cake combines cake flour with baking powder, baking soda, salt, and sugar. Cake flour is used to keep the cake light and tender, however, all-purpose flour can be substituted. What is this? For the fluffiest chiffon cake, sift the dry ingredients to aerate them and remove any possible lumps.

Can you use a Bundt pan for chiffon cake? ›

Recipes that specifically call for a tube pan and use whipped egg whites for a light and fluffy batter should not be baked in a Bundt pan. The cake may not rise properly, and an airy angel food or chiffon cake will stick in the intricate crevices of the pan, resulting in a messy-looking cake when you remove it.

Do you grease the pan for a chiffon cake? ›

Pour the batter into one 10-inch aluminum tube pan, or divide it between two eight- by three-inch anodized aluminum cake pans. Do not grease or line the pans in any way!

What are the three common causes of failure in cakes? ›

Below we go in-depth about these cake mistakes:
  • Underbaked. The number one culprit of a sunken cake is underbaking. ...
  • Too Much or Too Soft of Butter. Another common cake mistake is using a type of butter that's the wrong temperature. ...
  • Opened Oven Door Too Much. ...
  • Overmixed.

What are common mistakes when baking a cake? ›

Common Baking Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)
  • Baking at the wrong temperature. ...
  • Not measuring ingredients. ...
  • Checking on your items too frequently. ...
  • Your ingredients are at the wrong temperature. ...
  • Your dough isn't rising. ...
  • Nothing is baking evenly. ...
  • Your dough or batter is too tough. ...
  • Wrap Up.

Why did my chiffon cake collapse in the oven? ›

This is because too much batter in one cake tin may result in the weight of the batter being too much for the cake to support, causing the cake to collapse and sink in the middle as it bakes. This is especially true for cake recipes which have a more softer, delicate structure to them, which many of my cake recipes do.

What are the common baking failures? ›

11 Common Baking Mistakes That You Should Avoid
  1. You Forget To Add A Key Ingredient. ...
  2. You Don't Measure Your Ingredients. ...
  3. You Open The Oven Far Too Often. ...
  4. You Use The Ingredients At The Wrong Temperature. ...
  5. You Don't Sift Your Dry Ingredients. ...
  6. You Don't Know What Your Oven Needs. ...
  7. You Don't Read The Recipe.

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