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Brides planning a destination wedding often want to make the location the theme of all their wedding events; this can carry over into the events leading up to the big day, like a beach-themed bridal shower. Alternatively, couples who adore the sea or boho brides who desire a relaxed and casual atmosphere may also choose to have a beachy bridal shower. Regardless of your reason why, these fun and festive showers bring lots of joy to the bride-to-be and her guests.

But you can’t just scatter a few shells around, serve tropical co*cktails, and consider it beach-themed. To truly nail the seaside shower, you should think about all of the elements, like the atmosphere, invitations, and games. A bit of careful planning and attention to detail can ensure that your event is memorable and cohesively beach themed. It might seem like you’re drowning in all there is to do, but don’t fret! In our helpful guide, we’ll throw you a lifeline by breaking down how to plan the perfect beach-themed shower.

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Setting the Beach Atmosphere Invitations and Theme Selection Decor and Table Settings Food and Drinks Fun Activities and Games Bridal Shower Favors Music and Entertainment

Setting the Beach Atmosphere

You don’t have to be directly on the sand to throw a beach-themed bridal shower, but it certainly helps. If you have an ocean, lake, or beach backdrop, consider using this space for an effortless atmosphere. In some cases, there are restaurants or venues right on the water you can rent out. If you’re further inland, you can transform an indoor space or backyard into a beach-inspired paradise. Focus on the decor, both big and small, to make your dream come to life.

Go big by hanging nets, getting some tropical palms or plants, and possibly even bringing in sand (as long as it is contained). Then, take your theme over–the–top with minute details such as seashells, starfish, and tropical flowers. You can either use the real things or go beachy with your prints and furniture to keep the feel more refined and modern without purchasing loads of starfish or shells.

Invitations and Theme Selection

Set the mood right away by choosing beach-themed invites. They will truly help set the tone for your bridal shower. Picking out invitations is one of the most enjoyable tasks because there are so many options!

You can pick tropical fronds, bright colors, and lots of leis for a tropical luau. Alternatively, go coastal chic with a more refined nautical theme, including shiplap, traditional sailor stripes, and a few tasteful icons such as shells or an anchor. If your wedding location is somewhere specific, consider using your beach destination as a backdrop. There’s some stunning photography or even maps of popular places like Bali or the Riviera. As soon as your guests unseal the envelope, they’ll feel transported!

Decor and Table Settings

You can make your table settings and decor feel more beachy in various ways. But before you raid your local home goods store for all things beach, consider your theme a bit more.

Votives or lanterns with sand, shells, and blue blooms can make for a more tasteful centerpiece. At the same time, driftwood pieces, bits of netting, and starfish provide more relaxed and natural vibes. Let your theme flow into your table setting too. Beach glass place cards with handwritten names are a thoughtful touch and a lovely keepsake for guests. Don’t forget some nautical-inspired silverware and linens, like sandy taupe tablecloths or napkins, that keep with the mood.

Food and Drinks

Another fun element is creating your food and drink menu! Seafood is an obvious choice, but not everyone enjoys fish or crustaceans. Fortunately, pork or seasoned chicken are typical luau foods that are both beachy and not of the seafood variety. You can also offer plenty of tropical fruits and brightly colored salads to transport your guests to a faraway island where everything is always deliciously fresh.

There are almost too many beach-inspired co*cktails to count. Social media or online sites like Pinterest can be a fantastic way to find the perfect drink for your event. Consider serving your drinks in beachy vessels, such as a coconut shell with an umbrella.

Fun Activities and Games

No bridal shower is complete without some fun and games. If you decide to bring in sand, why not go all-out with a sandcastle-building contest? You can also ask your guests to compete in a beach scavenger hunt using all of your gorgeous decor.

The limbo is an obvious choice for couples throwing a backyard luau. Similarly, a “best-dressed beachgoer” contest is a great way to get your friends and family in the mood by asking them to dress in their best beach attire before they arrive. If your shower has guests of all ages, you can put a beachy spin on the “make your own flower crown” activity by allowing guests to design their own mermaid tiara. Whether you keep it simple or go grand, there’s almost a limitless number of ways to transform traditional games into beach-friendly activities.

Bridal Shower Favors

Food and drink can be the ideal segue into party favors. For example, starfish-shaped and decorated shortbread cookies, personalized beverage koozies, or pineapple-themed wine stoppers. If you desire something more practical, consider mini sunscreen bottles, monogrammed beach towels, or flip-flop keychains. Brides who want to keep it simple and elegant may prefer sandalwood seashell candles or sterling silver starfish bottle openers.

Whichever route you choose, it’s important to select favors that align with your beach theme so that they don’t look out of place at the event and also serve as memorable keepsakes for your guests.

Music and Entertainment

You might want to skip the tranquil seaside sounds playlist for your bridal shower. However, it can create a tasteful atmosphere for more upscale affairs. However, most brides-to-be opt for a lively and tropical selection of songs to keep the mood fun and relaxed. You can curate your own playlist or choose one of the many options on popular streaming platforms. If you truly want to bring the beach to your guests, consider hiring entertainment. A steel drum band, a hula dancer, or a fire dancer can seriously take your shower to the next level, all while still giving off beach vibes.

In Closing

As you have learned, “beach” is truly a broad theme. There are almost as many beach-inspired themes as fish in the sea. As long as you pay attention to detail and carefully curate each element to match your theme, guests will feel like they have entered a tropical oasis. Breaking your planning list into the categories mentioned above can be helpful after deciding on your overarching theme, like nautical or luau. Then, fill in each category with the necessary elements. After embracing your inner beach babe and unleashing your creativity, you can relax with your toes in the sand and a delicious drink in your hand, knowing that you served your guests an unforgettable event!


What should the bride wear for a beach bridal shower?

Many brides choose to wear white for their bridal shower. If you’re having a beach-themed event, consider a white gown with beach elements like tropical flowers, a nautical motif, or beachy textures like crochet.

What type of jewelry complements a beach-themed bridal shower?

There are many gorgeous sea-inspired diamond jewelry choices, from natural pearls to starfish created from gold and set with diamonds. Keep your jewelry simple and chic, as bold or cumbersome jewelry usually isn’t fit for the beach.

What are some popular jewelry choices for a beach bride?

Many beach brides opt for pearls, natural coral, or water-inspired gems like aquamarine. Jewelry with a natural element, like a graceful wave design, starfish motif, or shell patterns, can be very fitting. If their jewelry preferences and clothing tastes are vintage inspired , opt for a braided or woven ring style. They will fall well in line with daily attire. You know them best and can probably determine what they would love.

Ultimate Guide To Planning a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower | With Clarity (2024)
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