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Virginia Counties: Map of Virginia Counties

Major Cities of Virginia: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, Newport News, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.

Neighbouring States:Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina

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About Virginia

Virginia is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is known as the “Mother of Presidents” because eight U.S. presidents were born in Virginia. The state has a rich history dating back to pre-colonial times, and it played an important role in the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement. Virginia is also home to a diverse range of cultures, from rural communities to bustling urban centers.


Virginia is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Appalachian Mountains to the west. The state’s landscape features rolling hills, forests, and coastal plains. The Blue Ridge Mountains run through the western part of the state, and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries are a prominent feature of the eastern coast.


Virginia is known for its Southern hospitality and its contributions to American culture, including country music, bluegrass, and southern cuisine. Virginia is also home to a diverse population, including African American, Native American, and Hispanic communities.

Interesting Facts about Virginia:

  • Virginia was the site of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, established in 1607 at Jamestown.
  • The state’s nickname is the “Old Dominion,” which refers to its status as one of the original 13 colonies.
  • Virginia is home to many historic landmarks, including Mount Vernon, Monticello, and Colonial Williamsburg.
  • The state is also known for its military history, with several major military installations located in Virginia.
  • Virginia is the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.
  • Virginia is the largest producer of fresh clams in the United States.
  • The state is also a major producer of tobacco, peanuts, and wine.

Virginia History

  • Pre-colonial era in Virginia

    Before the arrival of European colonizers, Virginia was home to various Native American tribes, including the Powhatan Confederacy, the Chesapeake, and the Monacan. These tribes had their own distinct cultures, languages, and political systems.

  • Virginia’s role in the American Revolution

    Virginia played a significant role in the American Revolution, with many of the key events of the war taking place in Virginia. The state was home to several important battles, including the Battle of Yorktown, which marked the decisive victory for the American forces. Virginia was also home to several important figures in the Revolution, including George Washington, who commanded the Continental Army, and Thomas Jefferson, who authored the Declaration of Independence.

  • Virginia’s contributions to the Civil War

    Virginia was one of the most important states in the Confederacy during the Civil War. The state’s capital, Richmond, served as the Confederate capital, and many of the war’s most important battles were fought in Virginia, including the Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Fredericksburg. Virginia also played an important role in the development of Confederate military strategy, with many of the Confederacy’s most prominent generals, including Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, hailing from Virginia.

  • Virginia’s role in the Civil Rights Movement

    Virginia was a key battleground in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The state was home to several prominent civil rights leaders, including Oliver Hill and Barbara Johns, who played important roles in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case. Virginia was also the site of several important protests and demonstrations, including the sit-ins at the Woolworth’s lunch counter in Richmond and the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Virginia Counties

It is divided into 95 counties and 38 independent cities. Some of the largest counties in Virginia by population include Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun. The counties in Virginia vary greatly in terms of size, population, and geography, with some counties located in the mountains and others situated along the coast. Virginia’s counties are responsible for providing a wide range of services to their residents, including public safety, education, and social services.

Virginia Area Codes

  • 276: Southwest Virginia, including cities such as Bristol, Galax, and Wytheville.
  • 434: Central Virginia, including cities such as Charlottesville, Danville, and Lynchburg.
  • 540: Western Virginia, including cities such as Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Winchester.
  • 571 and 703: Northern Virginia, including cities such as Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria.
  • 757: Eastern Virginia, including cities such as Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake.
  • 804: Central Virginia, including cities such as Richmond, Petersburg, and Williamsburg.

Virginia Zip Codes

1,213 active zip codes in Virginia. Here are some zip codes in different regions of Virginia:

  • Alexandria: 22301-22315
  • Arlington: 22201-22213
  • Charlottesville: 22901-22911
  • Fairfax: 22030-22039
  • Norfolk: 23501-23521
  • Richmond: 23218-23242
  • Roanoke: 24001-24020
  • Virginia Beach: 23450-23479

Virginia Major Cities

Virginia is home to several major cities, including:

  1. Virginia Beach – the largest city in Virginia by population and located on the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Norfolk – a historic port city and home to several military bases.
  3. Chesapeake – a suburb of Virginia Beach known for its parks and natural areas.
  4. Richmond – the state capital and a cultural hub, known for its historic architecture, museums, and art galleries.
  5. Newport News – a city on the coast known for its shipbuilding industry and the Virginia Living Museum.
  6. Alexandria – a historic city located just outside of Washington D.C., known for its charming Old Town and historic landmarks.
  7. Hampton – a city on the coast that is home to several historic sites, including the Hampton University Museum and Fort Monroe.
  8. Roanoke – a mountain city in western Virginia known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking and biking trails.

Virginia Airports

Here are some of the major airports in Virginia:

  1. Dulles International Airport (IAD) – Located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, this airport is a major hub for domestic and international air travel.
  2. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) – Also located in the D.C. metro area, this airport is primarily used for domestic flights.
  3. Norfolk International Airport (ORF) – Located in Norfolk, this airport serves the Hampton Roads region of Virginia and provides domestic and international air travel options.
  4. Richmond International Airport (RIC) – Located in Richmond, this airport serves central Virginia and provides domestic and international air travel options.
  5. Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) – Located in Newport News, this airport serves the Hampton Roads region and provides domestic air travel options.
  6. Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA) – Located in Roanoke, this airport serves southwestern Virginia and provides domestic air travel options.

Virginia National Park and Trails

National Parks and TrailsDescription
Shenandoah National ParkLocated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this park features scenic drives, hiking trails, and camping opportunities.
Assateague Island National SeashoreLocated on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, this park features sandy beaches, marshes, and wild ponies.
Colonial National Historical ParkThis park includes several historic sites, including Jamestown, Yorktown, and the Colonial Parkway.
George Washington and Jefferson National ForestsThese forests cover more than 1.8 million acres in Virginia and provide opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.
Mount Rogers National Recreation AreaLocated in southwestern Virginia, this area includes Mount Rogers, the highest peak in Virginia, and provides opportunities for hiking, camping, and horseback riding.
Virginia Capital TrailThis 52-mile trail connects Richmond to Williamsburg and is popular for cycling and walking.
Appalachian TrailThe Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail spans over 550 miles and provides opportunities for hiking and camping.

Virginia Time Zones

Virginia is located in the Eastern Time Zone (ET), which is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-5). Daylight Saving Time is observed in Virginia, so clocks are moved forward one hour on the second Sunday in March and back one hour on the first Sunday in November. During Daylight Saving Time, Virginia observes Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-4).

Some popular FAQs about virginia

Here are some frequently asked questions about Virginia:

  1. What is the capital of Virginia?

  • The capital of Virginia is Richmond.
  1. What is Virginia famous for?

  • Virginia is famous for its historical significance in the founding of the United States, its scenic beauty, its role in the Civil War, and its contributions to literature and music.
  1. What are some popular tourist attractions in Virginia?

  • Some popular tourist attractions in Virginia include Colonial Williamsburg, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Beach, Monticello (the home of Thomas Jefferson), and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
  1. What is the climate like in Virginia?

  • Virginia has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The coastal areas can be humid and experience occasional hurricanes, while the western mountains can be cooler with more snowfall in the winter.
  1. What are some major industries in Virginia?

  • Some major industries in Virginia include technology, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. The state is home to many major tech companies, including Amazon and Microsoft.
Virginia (VA)| Virginia Map | Map of Cities in Virginia (2024)
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