Wedding Secret Style Guide: Gothic Wedding Dresses (2024)

In theDark Ages, black was the norm for wedding dresses. In fact, white was theanomaly right up until Queen Victoria and Prince Albert tied the knot. So, ifyou’re a bride who wants to go against the grain or if white simply isn’t yourcolour, take a look at what we have to say below…

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Choosingto opt out of the traditional white wedding gown and instead donning a creationinspired by Gothic fashion is a bold decision. But, it’s one that will allowyou a lot more choice when it comes down to the style and colour of your dress.

The Gothic

Althoughwe recognise Goths today as people who wear dark clothing and makeup, the Gothswere originally a race of East Germanic people. They lived in the first fewhundred years AD before all-but dying out.

Later, 12thcentury French art scene developed as “Barbaric” and architecture across Europefollowed. A resurgence in the 16th century led to an influx ofliterature based upon horror and romance.

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Inconclusion, the Gothic terms that we are familiar with today have come aboutfrom centuries of art, literature and architecture.

The Darkness

Be bold withyour wedding gown and choose black. Your wedding day is all about you and yourpartner. If you’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle in a daring, blackdress, go for it.

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Gone arethe days when we only associate the colour black with funerals. Whether you’resimply a lover of minimalism or you want to make a statement, a black weddingdress is a beautifully brave choice.

Somebrides may feel that wearing a full black dress a little bit too extreme. So,why not opt for a white dress that has been customised with black accents? Thiscould be in the form of lace or embroidery.

The Colour

A Gothicwedding gown gives you the option of expressing your personality throughcolour. For instance, you could show a vampy-feel through red satin material.On the other hand go for a romantic style by wearing a purple dress inspired bya long gone era.

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Purple isa spellbindingly rich and deep colour. Therefore it is perfect for one of thebiggest and happiest days of your life.

We getseriously witchy vibes from purple, and we’re not mad about it. Don’t hold backwith the accessories; you could even find a statement headpiece to complement.

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Furthermore,how about blood red? A dominant primary colour with associations of love andpassion, we can’t think of a better reason to wear it on your wedding day. Pairyour red gown with a vampiric makeup look to finish off the look.

Whetheryou go for black or a rich, dark aubergine or crimson, your wedding dress willstand out from the crowd.

The Material

Themysterious style of Gothic fashion often makes use of luxurious materials suchas satin, silk, leather and velvet. Gowns often incorporate corsets, alongsideElizabethan or Victorian styles of tailoring.

Velvet isa lush material. Instead of wearing an entire velvet dress you could invest ina velvet sash, or brave a beautiful embroidered bodice.

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Leatherwould also work wonders. Similarly to velvet, you could get your hands on aleather bodice for your dream dress.

Lace isusually a key element of a Gothic gown (and many traditional wedding gowns) andcan be included on any feature of the dress. This could be on the bodice, or onthe veil or the skirt itself.

Forsomething a little extra, your gown could feature black rhinestones, adding amystical sparkle. Or, you could go even further and wear a black veil, whichwould certainly add a unique twist on tradition.

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The Style

Classicalexamples of a wedding gown are likely to fit with the Gothic style more readilythan modern dresses. So, you should consider A-line, ball gown or empire styleshape.

Thesecuts have an olde-worlde look that should fit in really well with your theme.Or, a dramatic black fishtail gown or tea-length gown is sure to make you impossible to forget.

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An A-line gown can be done up with layers of black tulle on the skirt for volume and Gothic drama. Furthermore, there are a number of black and red corset-style wedding dresses. It won’t be tricky to find the right one for you.

Thetraditional gowns usually incorporate a ruffled dress under a tight blackcorset for an astounding effect. You could even consider adding blackelbow-length gloves for added glamour and sophistication.

Straplessball gown dresses can also work really well. Their decadent shades, beading andgorgeous lacing can add a truly ethereal accent to a dress.

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The Embellishments

Yourshoes, veil and accessories are the perfect places to add a little bit ofsomething different.

Firstlyfor shoes, consider a pair of Louboutin heels. The black shoe with red solemakes a striking impact. Instead, you could pair your dress with a pair ofcombat boots for an interesting contrast.

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Considera dark, black veil. Likewise, imagine a flower crown of deep red lilies. Ofcourse hair can make a big impact to any look, but the Gothic style allows forso much choose. In fact if you have ever wanted to do something different toyour hair, like dying it a rich violet, this is the perfect opportunity.

Have yournails and makeup done in dark colours. You can really engage the witchy vibewith long, black nails, and a dramatic smoky eye would help.

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The Look

Finally,once you have decided on the dress, there are plenty of ways of theming therest of your wedding.

Forinstance, imagine travelling in a Victorian horse drawn carriage. Subsequently,arrive at a Neo-Gothic castle. Imagine bannisters wrapped with ivy and vasesstuffed with dark red lilies. After that, cut a black wedding cake which oozesraspberry jam. Well, you get the idea.

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We hopethat we have given you some ideas and inspired you to start searching for yourdream Gothic wedding dress. Do let us know if you have any other ideas, or ifyou used a dark, Gothic theme for your special day.

Wedding Secret Style Guide: Gothic Wedding Dresses (2024)
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