Gothic Victorian Wedding Dresses (2024)

What do gothic Victorian wedding dresses look like?

How are they different from modern wedding gowns?

Are they difficult to find?

Gothic wedding dresses in the Victorian style are usually full-length and flowing gowns. They come in a variety of colors, but black and red are the most common colors associated with the goth aesthetic. These dresses tend to be over-the-top and lavish.

Dresses for Victorian goth brides also usually feature corset-style bodices. They may lace up, but not always, and they may have any style of sleeve (or be completely sleeveless). They usually feature a lot of lace or ruffles, and they’re very feminine despite having a lot of visual weight in comparison to modern wedding gowns.

It’s not too difficult to find Victorian gothic wedding dresses, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you start your search. Therefore, it’s a great idea to look at inspiring pictures to give you some ideas and help you dive deeper.

In this article, we’ve gathered several pictures of Victorian Gothic wedding dresses to help get your ideas flowing. Check out the list below to find plenty of inspiration and start narrowing down the options for your upcoming goth wedding.

Read on to find out more!

1. Gothic Ball Gown Wedding Dress

This gown is a long, flowing red dress with plenty of black accents. It features a gathered, full skirt with a layered underskirt and is finished with a ribbon tied at the bust. The dress is paired with a black lace shrug that closes with a cameo in keeping with many traditional Victorian styles.

2. Dark Gothic Wedding Dress

This dress includes an extremely full tiered skirt that is gathered at the waist for a draping, feminine touch. The bodice of the dress is a sweetheart corset style bodice, and it includes a black lace overlay with flowing long sleeves. The dress utilizes plenty of black and deep red, but keeps everything delicate throughout.

3. Victorian Wedding Dress Inspiration

This dress features a different take on the goth wedding and departs from the full skirts of most Victorian gowns. Instead, it features a mermaid skirt with frills at the hem and waistline, and it includes an extra-frilly black lace bodice with long sleeves. The dress is perfect for vampire goth weddings.

4. Silver Medieval Wedding Dress

Keep things a little more innocent—and modern—in your goth wedding by using this dress. The dress is white with plenty of silver touches, giving it an almost angelic appearance. It includes a long skirt with a gathered hemline and long bell sleeves, and there are sheer elements throughout the dress as well.

5. White Gothic Victorian Dress

This sleeveless dress combines modern with traditional Victorian seamlessly. The dress includes a floor-length, tiered skirt with a lengthy train as well as a simple sleeveless bodice. It features detached sleeves with a bell style that add a flair of uniqueness to the overall style of the dress.

6. Plum Wedding Dress

Depart from the red and black of traditional goth dresses by going with purple and black instead. This sleeveless dress includes a modern bodice cut but a classic Victorian floor length skirt. It features a black hemline and a black sheer drape-style veil to accent the deep, rich purple of the dress.

7. Red Gothic Wedding Dress

This dress is blood red and beautiful! It features a modern bodice with detached sleeves that are gathered at the elbows. The skirt is gathered as well and shows a slightly different shade of red on the underskirt. The dress features a short train that drapes elegantly behind it.

8. Silver and Black Wedding Dress

This dress incorporates silver, black, and white to create a stunning modern twist on Victorian goth styles. The bodice features cap sleeves and a corset style bust in white with black accents. The skirt spills elegantly from the waistline to the floor and features several layers of tulle overlay.

9. Gothic Victorian Style Wedding Dress

This dress includes a full skirt and a sweetheart corset bodice, and it is worn with no sleeves. Great for summer goth weddings, the skirt is extra-ruffled and is paired with a unique set of ram horns to give the style even more of a goth aesthetic. The look is finished with a ruffled black choker.

10. Gothic Victorian Black Wedding Dress

This dress is solid black and is a stunning way to show off your inner goth at your wedding. The dress includes a floor-length skirt with a short train and several gathered layers. It draws the eye up to the corset bodice, which features a traditional corset closure in the back.

11. Black Victorian Gothic Wedding Dress

Keep things modest with this elegant black dress. This dress features a simple V-shaped neckline that doesn’t plunge too deeply, and it includes long sleeves. It includes a full skirt that hangs to the floor and features subtle silver designs at the hemline, and it is finished with a black tulle and lace veil.

12. Lace-Up Victorian Goth

This dress includes a full skirt with a tulle overlay and gathering at the waistline. It features a corset bodice that laces up the back, and the laces are white in contrast with the solid black dress. These laces are complemented by other white ribbons on the back of the dress as well.

13. Victorian Goth

This floor-length dress includes a short train and a gathered overlay on the skirt. It features a spaghetti-strap bodice that is more modern than Victorian, but it ties the look together with a ruffled tulle veil and plenty of black lace throughout the style.


Did you find some gowns or dresses to help you make the right decision for your goth wedding? There are tons of styles of Victorian goth wedding dresses out there, and the right option for you will depend largely on your own sense of style and your specific goth aesthetic too. However, by checking out the inspiration images in the article above, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect dress for your special day.

But once you have your dress figured out, how do you know what else to wear with it? Are there any specifics you need to know about styling your goth wedding ensemble? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right accessories to go with your dress:

  • Shoes: With most styles of goth Victorian dresses, your shoes won’t be visible under the large, full skirt. However, you should still choose period-appropriate shoes, which may be ladies’ boots with buttons or buckles as closures.
  • Veil: You don’t have to use a veil, but if you do, lace in a color that matches or complements the gown is the best choice. Veils can be elaborate or simple depending on your preferences and your individual goth flavor.
  • Bouquet: Your bouquet should match your wedding colors, but you might want to get creative with the types of flowers you choose for a goth wedding. Some goth weddings even utilize flowers most commonly associated with funerals—so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to put together an unforgettable look for your wedding.

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Gothic Victorian Wedding Dresses (2024)
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