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Are you ready to create your dream themed wedding with a unique design from Gallery Serpentine?

At Gallery Serpentine we work with the most imaginative and fun brides and grooms...couples like you that are not caught in conventional thinking and want their wedding to be extravagantly fun for themselves and their guests. We have created a range of corset gowns that are perfect for themed weddings and flattering for all body types.

Stephanie ~Gallery Serpentine

I hope that the gothic, victorian, steampunk & Alice in Wonderland wedding gowns & wedding photos from our bridal clients featured on this page will inspire you!

We are inspired by the magnificent ornamentation of the baroque period with it's swirling rococo scroll work and our lead corset gown designer, Annette Magus is definitely still inspired by her favourite silhouettes from both the Victorian and Tudor periods.

Now that we've unleashed our Alice in Wonderland obsession onto custom designed fabrics we are also creating a lot of crazy, fun and whimsical corset gowns and bustle sets that work beautifully with these silhouettes from bygone eras.

Soft ivory in a corset gown

Very flattering colour tone

Dragons Blood Wedding Dress

Ruby toned taffeta highlighted with black trims

Turn of the Century victorian romance!

dreamy romantic ivory corset wedding dress

Are you a bride who wants ivory in your gown AND a steampunk themed wedding?

Ivory victorian-steampunk wedding gown style 'Victorian Corset Bridal Gown'

Melissa and David Norton created a full on steampunk wedding but Melissa wanted to keep a soft romantic ivory in her victorian corseted wedding gown to differentiate herself as the bride.

We made her a Victorian Corset Bridal Gown. This worked beautifully!

  • Keep ivory as your wedding dress colour but add in steampunk elements

Be inspired by the pictures from their wedding blog here: How One Couple Created Their Dream Steampunk Wedding

Here is Claire in the Victorian Corset Bridal Gown

This shows this design in a non-steampunk wedding context

Her order was all organised over text and email as she lives in Melbourne :)

"...Hello. Just wanted to share with you my favourite photos in the beautiful and stunning dress that you made for me. I can’t express my gratitude on the dress. I truely fell in love with it!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my day awesome!!.."

~ Claire, Melbourne, Victoria

**Claire's order was organised entirely by text and email with a very short (3 week deadline) as she lives in Melbourne.

We will guide you through measurements and fitting instructions so you can feel totally confident in receiving your gown on time and it fitting you well.

"....Everyone comments on how much the dress suited me and I am eternally grateful for the amazing work that you pulled off in such a short amount of time.

I will have to get in touch with you again soon, as I’m still having spinal trouble and the corset helped my back pain so much that I was wanting something designed for everyday work wear...."

~ Claire, Melbourne, Victoria

If you like this design for your wedding gown we can organise this remotely as we did for Claire

If you'd love to wear ivory in a soft romantic victorian style wedding dress


mix it up with steampunk as your wedding theme get in contact as this is one of our specialities

See our range of steampunk accessories!

Below is a slideshow video from the 2017 Collection with exquisite millinery & jewellery to match

Planning Your Dream Gothic or Steampunk Wedding Gown (14)

Is Gothic Victorian Romance Your Style?

Dragon's Blood Wedding Dress

Rich ruby tones spliced with black brocade and trims to enchant

  • Flattering over bust style corset custom made to your figure
  • Softly draping 3 layer skirt set
  • Can be ordered online with confidence
  • *Limited fabric availability*

See More

Gothic Victorian Romance....

another popular wedding gown theme that we specialise in.

If you love the strong colour combinations of black & red, purple & black or all black then why not have them as your wedding gown colours.

  • Fantastic for Halloween or Day of the Dead weddings
  • Perfect for weddings in ancient castles
  • If elegant vampire queen is what you want then these designs will appeal
  • the most flattering corset & gown shapes you can imagine for all types of figures

Here is a heartfelt testimonial from a bridal client who ordered this design from us

She'd been let down by a bridal gown maker & turned to us for her dream gothic victorian bridal ensemble

"Just wanted to let you know that my ensemble arrived and I am so happy with it!! It is absolutely beautiful and fits perfect, it was meant to be :)

Thank you so much for making and sending it to me by the deadline I provided, I cannot thank you enough!

It's a lot to write, but I had purchased another outfit on etsy five months ago which still hasn't been made or sent and I have been really upset and stressed out, so I decided I'd go local with a place I trusted and you guys were my first choice.

I already have some lovely pieces from you. I just needed the reassurance of having my dress asap as I needed to know that it would fit and I could be happy, you guys have been amazing, thank you so much!!" Sandra B.

View The Vampire Romance Wedding Dress

Parisian Gothic Wedding Dress

Glowing red and black lace for the truly gothic romantic

  • Custom made to your measurements
  • Order online & receive personalised attention from the designer
  • Glowing red satin overlaid with delicate black lace mesh
  • Romantic tudor style corset and skirt set

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A classic pinstripe victorian design

Classic Victorian Styling...

If you just love the strong silhouettes of victorian styling & love pinstripe or darker muted tones without the ribbons & bows then our Classic Pinstripe Victorian Viletta design will draw you in.

  • Ideal for weddings in colder climates
  • Choose from pinstripe tailcoats or bolero jackets
  • Incorporate an under bust corset into your bridal ensemble and wear it again & again in your normal life
  • Incredibly flattering designs for mature brides

Example of a victorian crossed with medieval gown that ended up in the Powerhouse Museum

Sonya & Kevin, our bridal clients are featured in the "Love Is..Australian Wedding Fashion" exhibition at the Sydney PowerhouseMuseum.

Theirwedding ensembles were a fun mix of eras, incorporating medieval, tudor & victorian. We loved working withthem to create their dream outfits for their wedding at Monsalvat in Melbourne.

As they are performers they wanted their wedding to express their personalities.

  • This design also works well in red velvet with black or gold highlights
  • You will find that making a corset as the central feature of your gown will give you a beautiful silhouette
  • We will help you choose a style that suits you and that you are comfortable in

Planning Your Dream Gothic or Steampunk Wedding Gown (24)

Have you chosen a medieval or renaissance theme for your wedding and want high quality and a beautiful fit to suit your figure?

Are there specific colours you want to incorporate?

Our designs lend themselves to a high end medieval theme perfectly.

Planning Your Dream Gothic or Steampunk Wedding Gown (25)

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Planning Your Dream Gothic or Steampunk Wedding Gown (2024)
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